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Action Research Inservice Information


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Action Research Steps



Steps of Action Research

1.  Identify the Question

The issue must be important—to you, to your program, to your students.  The issue will be a problem that needs to be solved.

Getting Started:

“It is not enough that teacher’ work should be studied; they need to study it themselves.”

                                                                        Stenhouse 1975

5.  Share the Findings

The last stage of the research process is to share your findings.

2.  Action Plan

What strategies you will implement and when you will do them.

3.  Collect the data

Good data are directly related to the questions; use more than one strategy or source of information for each question.

4.  Analyze the Data

When you are no longer learning anything new about your questions, it’s time to stop collecting and start analyzing.



I feel that we need to make a greater effort to involve teachers in Action Research. Teachers already know much about teaching--more than many of us do. But many are waiting to be invited to participate in research studies in which they examine students' preconceptions, or effective teaching strategies. It is through joint research studies that science instruction in the schools will improve, and we need to make a great effort in this regard.”

Dorothy Gabel

Presidential Address

National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST)

San Francisco, April 24, 1995