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Action Research - Coaching

Online Professional Development Tutorial

3. The Study Group

The study group provides an important aspect of Action Research.  It is the study group that provides the opportunity for the individual teachers to meet with colleagues, and to discuss their questions. Although the coach is important in providing encouragement, and challenging the individuals to achieve higher levels of performance, it is the whole group that provides insight as to where the individual has needs and how they may be met.  The group often provides new direction for an individual's study.  It also can provide suggestions for instructional strategies or classroom changes.  It is advantageous for the study group to work on questions, which deal with the same age group.  Often individuals in the group may find information that is relevant to the question of another member of the group. In essence, the study group is the action researchers support group.  If you do not have a study group, you may want to form one or contact other action researchers on-line. Establishing norms for your study group is essential in maintaining a collegial atmosphere.  In order to do this introduce or collaborate to set norms of behavior to adhere to during the collaborative study meeting.