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Action Research - Coaching

Online Professional Development Tutorial

5. Frequently Asked Questions For Action Research Coaches

Q. What should I do if my group does not stay focused on the agenda?

A. Establish as a team, group norms and adhere to them.  The norms can change 

     according to the needs of the group.  The agenda should have time limits on it.


Q.  What should I do if my group is concerned about the amount of data collection that is  needed for the action research?

      Establish realistic timelines for tasks to be completed.  Focus on one task at a time.


Q.  Are there any strategies I can use with my group to encourage edited writing   assignments?

A.  The tuning protocol is an excellent tool.


Q.  How to I get my group to work as a cohesive unit?

A.  A personal style inventory is given to each member at the beginning of the action 

     research process.  This can be beneficial so that group members can become aware of  individual differences. 


Q.  What happens if one of my members decides to change their action research question? 

A.  Encourage them to continue in the process and remind them that it is okay to change their question.  Action research is a constant process of change and self- analysis.


Q.  What happens if a member of your team loses their temper during a meeting?

A.  The coach will tell the member, "We will discuss your concerns after the meeting.  

      We need to stay focused on the agenda."