About Our Progam

The Head Start/Early Head Start program is administered by the School Board of Broward County, Florida under the Department of Child Development Services. The population of the School System is more than 260,000 and shows an increase by more than 10,000 students annually. The multi-ethnic school population is also growing. There are 25,629 foreign born students from 152 countries creating the need for new programs and services for parents and children. The Head Start children benefit from the entire services of the school system which includes transportation, psychological services, speech/language evaluation and services, counseling and other services for children with disabilities.

Head Start multi-ethnic classes are held at 66 elementary school sites. These sites are chosen by utilizing the free lunch program data and the Head Start community assessment. Head Start/EHS classes follow the student 180-day calendar of the Broward County School System. The program opening and closing times are that of each elementary school where the program is housed. The Head Start student day is 6.0 hours, EHS students attend for 8 hours. After school care is available at all elementary school locations.

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