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Welcome to our Green Team page! Here you will find information and links about our school's effort to "GO GREEN" and improve our corner of the world.

We also recently created a new website for 'Going Green':
View the Website Here

On EARTH DAY our school had a clean up day that was AMAZING. It was so wonderful to see the parents and students working side by side in the morning and the glow on the students' faces as they came into class and shared how they had contributed. We know we've set the foundation for a future generation of environmentally conscience people... we've "planted the seed and now it can blossom".

Some classes in our school are using cloth towels instead of paper towels to save trees. They are logging data and graphing how many paper towels they have saved. Here are some photos of us on the right in action!

Ms. Marousky's 5th Grade class performed her Reader's Theater version of THE LORAX in honor of Earth Day and Nova's "GOING GREEN" message. The class did a BEAUTIFUL job and received high praise from their peers for both of the great shows they put on. We always knew our kids were talented, but to see them work together and shine so brilliantly on stage was amazing.

What Are We Doing to Go Green?
We have started a recycling program on our campus that includes the recycling of paper, plastic and cans. Mrs. Marousky's class is collecting our recyclables each Friday afternoon, bagging and disposing of it in the appropriate dumpster on campus. They report that their collection time has gone from 45 minutes when they started to 25 minutes as of today, Jan. 22! One of our teacher's congratulated the students on being so quiet and courteous to the teachers since them come in, make their collections and return the bins without disrupting class.

On the recycling front, check out our slideshow. Those big blue things they are wheeling in the pictures is called a "brute" and Mrs. Marousky's class reports that they are collecting an average of 10 brutes of paper, a brute of plastic and too many pieces of cardboard to count! As one student stated, "We're helping the environment while building some muscles!"

Are you recycling at home? If not but you are eager to follow this amazing school's example and meet President Obama's challenge of service and visit Broward's Recycling websiste to contact the the right person so that you can get your own bins ... every item you take a moment to recycle is a cleaner future for our kids! By the way, the link is also the 1st one listed below.

Greening Nova Professional Development
The Green Team has already been privy to some INCREDIBLE technological pieces showcasing the nature-based science lessons that classes have been studying this year. It never fails to amaze us what outstanding learning experiences are going on in our classroom.

Click Here to View!

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