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Funding Opportunities Booklet
The Funding Opportunities Booklet: Quick Reference Guide is a compilation of grant opportunities specifically targeted for teachers and other school-based projects. Each page contains a description of a federal, state, local, or private funding program, as well as the program’s requirements. We provide this guide to you as a first means of finding an appropriate funding source for your project.

The first few pages of the Funding Opportunities Booklet will provide you with an abundance of important, helpful information. Pages i and ii include an at-a-glance calendar to assist you in yearly planning, as well as a focus area table to help you quickly find opportunities within a specific subject area. Page iii provides detailed information about the Broward County Public Schools grant processes; every grantseeker should be familiar with these processes.

The Funding Opportunities Booklet should be used to guide and focus ideas for projects that address identified needs in your school or community. Prior to reading the booklet, you should organize your thoughts about your school’s needs. Consider the target population, the scope of your project, and how the project relates to your school’s improvement plan. With these thoughts in mind, read the program descriptions and make a list of the opportunities that fit best.

This year the project descriptions include Web links for every funding source that has a Web site available. These Web sites will provide additional detailed information about the funding opportunity and the grant application guidelines. In some cases, you will be able to submit your application directly to the funding source from the Web site.

GAGP staff will gladly assist you in interpreting the program descriptions, provide technical assistance, or answer any questions you may have about the grant proposal development process.

Click Here to download the Booklet

Within five days of submitting a grant application, applicants MUST e-mail or pony a copy of entire application to in GAGP, 4th Floor KCW. Pursuant to Standard Practice Bulletin I-319, all grants must be School Board approved before awards can be utilized by the recipient. The BRITE system will not allow bookkeepers to enter grant awards without a formal school board approval. GAGP will take all the steps necessary to obtain the required school board approval for grant applications received through this standard process.