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Need some help? Don’t fret – training and resources are available!

The Grants Administration and Government Programs Department has developed a comprehensive training video that provides a wealth of information about developing competitive grant applications. The video cover topics such as the District’s internal grant application processes, grant proposal basics, and overviews of grant proposal components. To access the online training video, click the link below.
Grantsmanship Training Video
If you still have questions after watching the video, we’re still here to help. You can call 754-321-2260 and talk to a Grant Specialist about your proposal during our dedicated “Office Hours” every Thursday between 2:30pm and 4:00pm.

Putting a quality proposal together isn't easy, but the results can be very rewarding. To keep your stress at a minimum, we have brought together some useful resources that will help you in each step of the process. And don't forget...we're here to help. Just give us a call.
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