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Grant Application Process
BCPS Grant Application Processes: General Guidelines
Schools and departments that have identified a grant opportunity from an external funding agency and are interested in submitting a proposal should ALWAYS:
  1. Discuss the idea with, and get approval from, the school principal or department director.
  2. Make sure the proposal supports school improvement plans, supports the District Goals, and complies with Educational Technology Services district standards for technology, if the initiative has a major technology component.
  3. Contact the Grants Administration & Government Programs Department prior to the specified deadline for technical assistance and to obtain district approvals (including Superintendent, School Board, and Educational Technology Services, if the initiative has a major technology component).
BCPS Grant Application Processes
  What All BCPS Grantseekers Need to Know

Approval/Signature of Grants and Contracts


The 11-step process outlined below provides an overview of the process currently followed for the development, submission and approval of competitive and school-based grant proposals in the Broward County Public Schools system. The time from when a competitive grant funding opportunity is identified until the date the grant proposal must be submitted can vary from as little as five working days to 25 working days. Schools and departments cannot access awarded funds without final Board approval. Adherence to the outline below will insure timely internal approval of the grant.

  1. A competitive funding opportunity (RFP) is identified by the Grants Administration & Government Programs (GAGP) Department or by an individual school or department.
  2. The funding opportunity and program information/summary (RFP) is prepared and disseminated to schools/departments by the GAGP and assistance is provided upon request. 
  3. The decision is made by a school/department to develop a grant proposal based on the District’s Strategic Goals and/or School Improvement Plans. The school/department notifies the GAGP about the intent to submit a proposal.
  4. If a Letter of Intent is requested by the funding agency, GAGP staff prepare and submits the required notification.
  5. GAGP assists the grant developer with the proposal development process.
  6. If private school participation and consultation is required for the grant project (Federal only), GAGP assists the grant developer in communicating and consulting with private schools to determine their interest in participating in the grant project.
  7. If the proposed grant activities is for Federal funds and Federal Human Subject Regulations are applicable, the District’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) must make a determination whether the proposed grant activities are exempt or will need formal review by the IRB subsequent to submission of the grant proposal.
  8. The school/department develops the grant narrative and grant budget, and GAGP staff provide assistance upon request.
  9. The grant final narrative and grant budget are reviewed and approved by GAGP and required signatures (usually the Superintendent of Schools) are obtained.
  10. The grant proposals to the Federal Government are submitted electronically by GAGP staff through the Grants.gov or eGrants portals. Online submission of non-Federal grant proposals are completed by the school or department with assistance from GAGP staff. Hard copy proposals are submitted by GAGP on behalf of schools and by district departments.
  11. The consolidated grant Board Agenda Item is prepared by GAGP staff reflecting all grant applications submitted and transmitted for final School Board approval.