Food and Nutrition Services appreciates the support of its many business and community partners who champion our nutrition education endeavors.

Wellness and Learning Supports Committee

The Wellness and Learning Supports Committee determines and monitors all wellness initiatives of the School Board of Broward County including obesity prevention.

Contact Person: Heather Brinkworth, Board Member, School Board of Broward County, Florida Chairperson, Wellness and Learning Supports Committee, 754.321-2003 or Mary Mulder, Co-Chairperson, Director, Food and Nutrition Services, 754-321-0215

Broward County Dietetic Association

The local affiliate of the American Dietetic Association, the nation's largest organization of credentialed nutrition practitioners.  Each year, BCDA sponsors an art contest during National Nutrition Month (March).  For more information: .

Broward Extension/University of Florida

The Broward Extension Service, under the University of Florida, IFAS, has implemented the OrganWise nutrition education program in select elementary schools. For more information: .

Dairy Council of Florida

The Dairy Council of Florida provides nutrition education material for students encouraging healthy meals including the consumption of low fat dairy products. For more information:

Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale

The Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale has partnered with Food and Nutrition Services to provide literacy based nutrition education to BCPS second grades.  Over the three year period (2009-2011), the Junior League has compiled and will deliver kits for each school’s second grade teachers.  The kits provide the opportunity for teachers to teach all important literacy skills while students at the same time learn about healthy eating. For more information: .