Forms Management

Florida State Statute 1008.385 (2)(b)1 requires each Florida public school district to
establish a district-wide forms management program. The Statute requires that
an inventory of all School District forms be maintained and that an Official Forms
Index be made accessible to the public.

Records Retention maintains and monitors all new and revised district forms used
within the School Board of Broward County. A district form is defined as a document
developed to solicit information between administrative units, schools, or the public.

The forms control manual, forms control authorization request form, district forms
catalog, and district e-forms are listed below:

Forms Control Manual – A district manual created by the Data Collection Review Committee.
Forms Control Authorization (fill and print form). This form must be completed, signed, and
submitted with a copy of the proposed new, revised, or consolidated form to Records
Retention for processing.
•eForms-District authorized forms.


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