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                             HR Work Instructions

Many of the documents provided on the ERP Budget BI Reports Instructions site are created with Adobe Reader-PDF or Microsoft Excel application. In order to be able to view documents created in Adobe Reader, it is advisable that you have those applications operational on your computer. If you do not already have the Adobe PDF application installed, please click here to download and install.



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Download A+ Payment Instructions for Active Employees (One Time Payment iForm)
Use these instructions to process a payment for an active working employee. The employee's Personnel Area can NOT be External. If it is follow the instructions to submit a check request.
Download A+ Payment Instructions for Employees with an Inactive or Withdrawn Status (IT267)
Use these instructions to process a payment for an employee whose current status in SAP is listed as withdrawn or inactive.
Download A+ Payment Instructions for Participants who are not in SAP or listed as External (Check Request)
Submit a check request for a candidate who is not an employee or is in SAP with a personnel area of EXTR (external).
Download Additional Assignment: Selecting the Correct Additional Assignment
This document will guide you through the process in selecting the correct Job Class and pay rate to use when creating an additional assignment.
Download Additional Position Assignment: Create
To create an additional position/assignment for the employee.
Download Additional Position/Assignment: Delimit
Use this action to delimit (end) an additional position/assignment (infotype 554) for an employee.
Download Change inPay Create
This action is used when the employee is remaining in the current position but certain attributes are changing for the employee.
Download Corporate Function: Create
Allows you to track employees who are performing tasks or other functions (e.g. Benefit Coordinator, HR Action Processor, Payroll Contact, Backups, etc.
Download Demotion: Create
Use to demote an employee (either voluntarily or involuntarily) to a position with a lower pay grade or level/step.
Download Instructions Cell Phone Reimbursement for Inactive and Withdrawn Employees 4 1 2016
Use this process to submit a one-time payment for an employee with an Inactive (on a leave of absence) or Withdrawn status (terminated or retired).
Download Instructions For Cell Phone Reimbursement for Active Employees 04-1-2016
Cell Phone Reimbursement to Active Employees with a Primary Position in/outside an Organizational Unit
Download MSS and Requisition Approval
Training manual for Manager Self Service and Admistrative Approving Budget and Requisitions
Download Navigating the UWL, Search for iForms, Review Withdrawn iForms
These instructions show you how to navigate the Home Universal Worklist (UWL), use the search feature to find certain iForms, and review withdrawn iForms.
Download Object Manager
A help feature that allows users to search for data such as employees, organizational units, positions, cost center, etc., and display and manage search results.
Download Objects On Loan
Use these instructions to create or modify the objects that your location has loaned to an employee(s). For example, an employee may have an ID Badge, company cell phone or laptop, these would be considered objects on loan.
Download One Time Bonus Payment: Create
Use this process to submit a one time payment for an employee with an inactive (on a leave of absence) or withdrawn status (terminated or retired).
Download One Time Payment: Change
Instructions for correcting or changing an active employee's one-time payment amount or cost assignment that was pocessed via an iForm
Download One Time Payment: Create
Instructions for creating a one-time payment amount for active employees via an iForm.
Download Position Attributes: Review (PO13D)
This transaction is used to provide a detailed account of position attributes.
Download Position: Change
To request a change to an existing position, both instructional and non-instructional.
Download Position: Create
Use to request a new position for ALL new positions, both instructional and non-instructional.
Download Reappointment MSS Instructional Procedures
MSS Reappointment Instructional Employees
Download Reappointment MSS Non-Instructional Procedures
Administrators/Principals' guide to access Manager Self Service (MSS) to update an employee's action code if the non-instructional position is being eliminated or a position is being placed on surplus.
Download Reassignment: Create
Reassign an employee from one position to another within the same organizational unit or to hire a regular or interim substitute teacher as a pool substitute.
Download Return to Work: Create
Submit to return an employee from a leave: FMLA, Workers Compensation, Disability, Board Approved Leaves, etc.
Download Search for iForms and Review Withdrawn iForms
Use these instructions to learn how to search for iForms, review who has processed an iForm and determine why an iForm was withdrawn.
Download Separation of Employment: Create
To process a voluntary resignation action for an employee due to resignation for personal reasons.
Download Sick Leave Budget
Contact your Budget Analyst at the Budget Office for Sick Leave Instructions
Download Supplement NBCT Work Instructions June 2017
Broward County National Board Certified Teachers District Supplement Processing Instructions
Download Supplement Payments: Correction
Instructions for correcting an active employee's supplement payment amount or cost assignment that was processed via an iForm
Download Supplement Payments: Delimit
Use this action to delimit (end) a supplement for an employee. Supplements are stored on the recurring payment/deduction infotype 0014.
Download Supplement_Payments_Create
To pay an employee for an academic, athletic or non-specific task assignment performed beyond their regular work hours, recommended by the administrator and approved by the area office/director, as specified by employee contract.
Download Termination: Create
To process an involuntary termination action for an employee due to disciplinary action, performance, abandonment of position, etc.
Download Transfer Create
Transfer an employee from one organizational unit to another.
Download Working While on Leave: Create
To return employees from a leave of absence or worker compensation, to work in a temporary or part-time position.