Welcome To: Cell Phone Support

This web resource provides SBBC schools and departments with the information needed to initiate or change the cellular phone services required by their staff.  Standard Practice Bulletin A-469 provides the guidelines established by the District’s administration for the use of these devices. Before ordering equipment, schools and departments should read this bulletin carefully so that the use of the device and the guidelines for tracking calls is clearly understood and followed. 
To retrieve a copy of the bulletin, click here: A-469.  

NOTICE:  Procurement of cellular equipment and/or services from this site ensures adherence to the District's technology standards for this commodity group as established by Broward Schools' Technology Standards Committee.  Ordering Cellular voice or data services that are not listed on this site or purchased in a manner other than that described requires the use of the Technology Waiver Process.  More information about the waiver process can be found at :http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/erp/itsupport/waivers.html

This page will be updated to reflect changes to cellular services and equipment. 

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