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              The Standards Committee & IT recommends purchasing High Yield and Remanufactured toner cartridges where possible to obtain the best cost and
              to comply with the District's Environmental Stewardship Goals.

Please order Lexmark Toner and Supplies from Bid 17-057E listed above using the assigned Material Numbers.
Please contact The Office Pal, Inc. below for a quote for any Lexmark items that are not listed on Bid 17-057E:


  The Office Pal, Inc:  Latzie Tauber at 877-486-0590 Ext 108

            Use Material Group 207
Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program Lexmark Warranty Repair Information
Lexmark Website        Lexmark Rep: Horace Wilder 917-774-7562 email:
                                                                              Standard Items Output Devices
                                                          Sub-Commitee Chair Michelle Gresham  754-321-0446
  Purchasing Agent: Jodi Hart : 754-321-0531               Purchasing Technician: Stacey Sciarrillo: 754-321-0509
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                                                            New Copier Standards Comparison Chart TBA
ImageNet Multi-Function Cost Per Copy 15-048E
Konica Minolta Multi-Function Cost Per Copy 55-048E
ImageNet Service Desk Repair Information
Konica Minolta Service Desk Repair Information

ImageNet TLC Training

Konica Minolta TLC Training