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Audio Conferencing is a technology allowing people from anywhere in the world to instantly connect and communicate ideas in a fully collaborative environment. The use of this technology is as easy as picking up a telephone and making a call; no special hardware or software is required and the calls can be made from anywhere at anytime.

The District’s primary user of Audio Conferencing is the Hospital/Homebound Program located within Seagull Alternative High School. The Hospital/Homebound Program has approximately 200 students actively enrolled who receive their regular academic studies daily from teachers via the system. The audio conferencing system also has a data collaborative component which allows the teachers to share online documents, files, presentations and white boarding products with the students while fully participating in an educational dialog. The individual students various learning styles are addressed by providing the information to the students in various formats.

The system is also capable of recording conferences that can be saved and retrieved at a later time for participants who missed a session or those who wish to review a previously attended session. Customized meeting greetings and information are pre-recorded, welcoming meeting participants automatically when they join a meeting. The system is also available for District or administrative meetings. The District routinely conducts technology training for school and district employees as well as specialized guidance and ESE trainings. The system allows administrators, principals, teachers and other district personnel to remain at their work locations while participating in the conferences. This increases employee productivity, reduces down / travel time, and reduces liability for the district as employees travel.

The system has proven to be a valuable tool for school guidance departments as many are scheduling parent – teacher conferences and other necessary meetings through the system. By conducting these conferences through the system, parents are not required to attend the conferences in person, therefore reducing the time they may need to take from work, which could affect the family in a negative manor.

Recently schools have begun holding SAC/SAF/PTA meetings through via MeetingPlace. Several District Advisory groups routinely utilize the system for both their regular meetings and committee meetings. Through use of MeetingPlace, those who volunteer the valuable time are able to make a contribution to the district without a negative impact on their time.

The MeetingPlace system can support up to 294 simultaneously connected users and has averaged over 2.5 million minutes annually since its deployment in 2001.

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BECON Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing is an interactive tool that utilizes computer networks as a conduit for the transmission of audio and video data. This technology allows people in different locations to meet face-to-face regardless of their geographic location.

The best part is video conferencing is not limited to business meetings. Broward County Public Schools has extended this versatile technology into the classroom with the largest network of video conferencing equipment in the world for the purpose of educating students. Our students collaborate with other students, teachers, politicians, athletes, college recruiters, artists, scientists and doctors around the world...virtually. Our district administration and teachers staff find video conferencing to be an extremely helpful tool to reduce travel costs and increase productivity. It is also invaluable for professional development and sharing best practices.

Using this exciting technology, students throughout the District participate in ongoing educational and instructional classes as well as electronic field trips, which bring the world into the classroom. BECON Distance Learning reaches over 8,000 students each week with content that enhances learning in the classroom. We also have the added benefit of streaming and recording video conferences. School Board meetings and School Board Workshops are streamed live to the public via the District website [ ] Videos are also archived and made available through Video On Demand on the BECON Website at

Our video conferencing equipment can support up to 140 simultaneously connected systems and 48 telephone calls (for those without access to video conferencing equipment) in 40 separate conferences. BECON Video Conferencing and Streaming Services brings the content you desire into the classroom, conference room, office, computer or even your Smart Device.

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