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The purchase of computers should be based on program needs. I & T is recommending that Windows devices should be procured for daily operational needs thus allowing the district to extend their buying power and increasing the number of computers that can be used by students and staff.
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Apple:  Waiver Required * Lenovo X131e&11e -Battery Purchase Information
Lenovo Laptops  Lenovo Accessories & Peripherals
Staff Device Naming Form Student Device Naming Form
Cart -Wiring  *NEW   Lenovo / Arey Jones Broward Contacts
Purchasing has no problem with this(Blue Raven) form, however, it cannot take the place of the standard Requisition Order Form that a bookkeeper uses to place the "actual" order with purchasing.If sites want to purchase batteries and/or chargers from BLUE RAVEN, they can use the BLUE RAVEN order form to submit to their bookkeeper/budgetkeeper. It will aid in identifying the item type, description and vendor part number.
                                                                                    Laptop: MANUFACTURE WEBSITES
Apple Website Lenovo Website
            NOTE*  Mountain Lion is required for all iOS 7 installs. The District is purchasing licenses so that they can update all of the Sync Stations.
 Do not  update any iOS Device to iOS 7 until your sync station has been updated by I&T staff. See the attached document for additional information