Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the purpose of this website?

This site provides one-stop access to all the standards that are currently supported by theSchool Board of Broward County, Florida.

Why can’t I find equipment/technology items that I’m looking for?

In some instances SBBC has not yet defined a standard for a particular item. For example, the desired item may be under review. In other cases, it may not meet the needs of Broward County Public School users and therefore has not been added as a standard.

Where can I find information about equipment/technology items that do not have standards?

In the category where the equipment/technology item fits, select the link, “For more information contact…” to identify the contact information for the Purchasing Agent with responsibility over that Item.

The equipment listed in the standard does not meet my needs.
I want something very similar, but with additional functionality.
What can I do?

SBBC has provided the school district a method for obtaining authorization to purchase equipment that falls outside the standards process. It is called the waiver process.

I want equipment/technology item added to the list of available Standard equipment. How do I request that equipment be added?

Contact the sub-committee co-chair.

How often are the SBBC Standards refreshed on this list?

The standards for technology sub categories are in a continuous cycle of review.
Some of the items are brought for review by vendors and others by end-users.

Some posted information seems incorrect, inaccurate or inappropriately categorized. What is the process for suggesting changes or corrections?

Contact the Customer Service Desk and inform them of the potential problem. They will forward your informationto the appropriate standards sub-committee.

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.