Standards Committee Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Technology Standards Sub-Committee are:Evaluate requests for technology standards as described in the process flow chart. Review requests for specific technology items. This excludes requests for standard deployment models or other “non-purchasing” related questions. The focus of the standards setting process will be the identification of appropriate technology commodities and solutions that:

Represent an aggregate District purchase sufficient in quantity and dollar
volume to warrant the creation of an identified Technology Standard.

Are available from vendors who hold current competitive bid or RFP
awardsor are otherwise available by way of approved Purchasing vehicles.

Meet the functional requirements of the customer or customer group
requesting the establishment of the technology standard.

Are neither “out-dated” nor ”bleeding edge” in their product development cycle.

Are proven technologies that will serve the SBBC user community into the future.

Are cost justifiable to purchase.

Are cost efficient to use, monitor, and maintain.

Are compatible and interoperable with other SBBC systems.

Are compliant with the District’s network and computer security models.

Appropriately address all of the District's Policies and State and Federal statutes that
may have governance over aspects of the technology (SBBC Policy 5306, CIPA, COPA, FERPA, HIPPA, etc).