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                   Sub-Committtee Chair - Doug Pierce 754-321-0308

                   Purchasing Agent - James Williams 754-321-0510

                   Purchasing Technician - Jeanne Larson 754-321-0509

                                                                                       Standard Telephone and Long Distance Services

Broward County Public Schools procures all of its major telecommunications goods and services through RFP 25-005N, a competitive bid contract awarded to multiple vendors in December of 2004. Two main sections of this RFP are focused on standard voice services and voice equipment.

All local and long distance services are procured on a District-wide basis by IT on behalf of the district and individual schools and departments are expressly forbidden to initiative or contract for alternative services. District administrative, support, and instructional staff members are forbidden to initiate, or contract for, ANY telephone or other service that is billed to any District-owned phone number.

This prohibition includes the use of "10-10" long distance access services. Additional information about the use of long distance service is contained in Board Policy 3201. For information about Cellular phone service, please review the materials available here.

                                                                                                          Service and Repair Requests

Schools and departments must direct all requests for adds, moves, and changes to the infrastructure and the end user devices used at their work locations to the District's Technology Infrastructure Department.

All ADD/MOVE/CHANGE requests for equipment or telecommunications ports should be submitted to the Technology Infrastructure, Network Integration Unit via a Communications Work Order (CWO).

Add/Move/Change requests include, but are not limited to:

  • Add digital or analog extensions.

  • Add direct phone numbers to new or existing extensions.

  • Add phone/data quad jacks.

  • Add network switch capacity.

  • Move direct phone number(s) from one extension to another.

  • Change the display name on existing extensions.

Repair requests should be submitted to the Customer Service Desk at
(754) 321-0411 or via CAB. A ticket will be issued for tracking purposes