Standard Items | 400 MHz Campus Radios

                    Sub-Committtee Chair - Ed Kessler 754-321-0349

                    Purchasing Agent - Jodi Hart  - 754-321-0531

                    Purchasing Technician - Stacey Sciarrilo 754-321-0525

The Broward County School Board, Florida has a standardized, school based, two way radio platform. In September of 2008,Bid 29-029N was
awarded to Control Communications, Inc. for the purchase of UHF portable radios designed for use at school and administrative sites.There is
one model of Motorola portable radios available, which is the XPR3300. The purchasing department has established a SAP number (6004980)
for this item.If you have any questions regarding the purchase of this equipment you may contact Ed Kessler at 754-321-0349.  
                   *** If you feel that your school needs to purchase a portable radio repeater for your location, you must first contact I&T. ***
                                                                                               Standard Items | 400 MHz Campus Radios
Bid 15-029E Repair Maintenance/Radio Communications Equipment Frequently Asked Questions
 **New   17-172E - Previous Contract # 14-006E (April 2017)

Motorola Website

Product Flyer - XPR3000 Radio Battery Care & Tips
XPR3000 Accessories Quick Reference Guide for SBBC BID 17-172E Radio, Two Way Portable equipment & Accessories
XPR3000 Specifications    


                                                                                                  Standard Items | ParentLink/Call Out System

Broward County Public Schools acquired the services of Parlant Technologies "Parentlink" call-out solution in August of 2004. The system is available for use by all schools and departments. The primary need that this acquisition addressed was to improve the ease with which schools could remain compliant with local and state truancy notification requirements. the system is also highly effective in making emergency notifications to student's parents or guardians, and offers a new communication tool for schools and the district to use in providing general information to the SBBC staff and students homes. This system will replace the disparate systems and services used by schools in the past. The costs for the new system are borne by the District.

For complete information about the features of the new system, and how to activate your school or department, visit the Broward ParentLink website referenced below.

Broward ParentLink Website