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                                                       Welcome to ERP/SAP Support Page

This page is dedicated to all support issues and updates.  If you do not know how to determine what you currently are running on your workstation, or you are having difficulty downloading the appropriate software for your computer, please contact the technology administrator at your location. For further assistance please contact one of our specialists at the ETS Service Desk 754-321-0411.      

                                                            SAP GUI & Printing

                                                                            1. Installing SAP GUI (Super-Users Only).  Read More. 

                                                                            2. Background Printing.  Read More

                                                                            3. SAP Printer connection instructions.  Read More
                          Software & Hardware Requirements  for Accessing the ERP (SAP) Portal
Operating System
PC running Windows 10

IE11 Please ensure that your web browser settings are set correctly per the documentation IE10&11.

What to do when you receive Active-X Error when Exporting BI Reports to Excel

How to stop the Information bar from blocking file and software downloads

Workstation's clocks

Make sure that the workstation's clock is set to the correct time and date. For time, ensure that the proper AM or PM setting is selected and the time zone is set to "GMT-05:00 Eastern Time". For date, ensure that the year is correct.

Enable Pop-Ups: Review Pop-Up Blocker Instructions

Uninstall all Google and Yahoo toolbar applications


All WEB GUI users access SAP via If you have a specific role in SAP you will login by selecting
SAP Access and then clicking on the WEB GUI link. If you do not have a specific role in SAP you will click on the Employee
Self Service tab. You must be using the correct browser for Windows.



Click here for installation information: SAP GUI 740

    Adobe Reader (DC): 

                 Click Here to download-Adobe Acrobat Reader DC-

( If needed )

Java 1.7.0_71~Medium Security