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                                      Business Practice Bulletins Legend
C= Curriculum P= PURCHASING
H= HUMAN Resources S= Food Nutrition Services

A-137 Sick Leave Bank Procedures
A-139 Workers' Compensation Pay Procedure
A-152 REVISED Procedure For Preparing Business Practice Bulletins
A-401 Chart of Accounts
A-421 Technical Colleges, Alternative High Schools & Community Schools-Fees & Expense Recovery
A-422 Technical Colleges, Alternative High Schools & Technical High Schools-Commercial Food Programs
A-423 Technical Colleges, Alternative High Schools & Community Schools-Industry Services Training and Sales & Service Programs
A-424 Training of Noninstructional Personnel Through CTACE
A-429 Rental of School Board Facilities
A-433 Transportation-Use of Buses For Extra-Curricular Activities
A-435 Travel Reimbursement Procedure
A-440 Sick Leave Incentive Pay Procedure
A-442 Mileage Reimbursement Bulletin Forms
A-444 Broward Education Communications Network Rate Chart
A-446 Obsolete Signature Cards
A-448 Long Distance Calling Procedures
A-449 Accounting & Administration for Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Program
A-453 Budget Transfer Procedures – General fund (1000)
A-455 Technical Colleges, Alternative High Schools & Community Schools Accounting for Financial Aid Fees
A-456 Student Financial Aid Reimbursement
A-466 Use of Consultants-Clinicians-Tutors
A-467 Processing of Title I Financial Transactions 
A-468 Procedures For Requesting Projects Not Funded in the Adopted District Educational Facilities Plan
A-469 Cellular Telephone Access & Usage
A-472 Collecting, Processing & Reporting Workforce Education Data
A-473 Use of School Board Owned Vehicles
A-474 Special Districtwide Events & Certain Department Activities (Fund 4920 & 4990).
A-475 Unique Bus Aide Payment Procedures
A-480 Wire Transfer Procedures Bulletin/Form
A-481 Month-End Closing Process in SAP_w_Exh
A-510 Procedures for Reimbursing the General Fund for Schools' Internal Accounts Activities
A-512 Procedures for coding Professional Training Development Training Relates Expenditures
A-514 NEW Collection of Monies - Departments ONLY
B-100 Process for Acquiring Security Access in SAP
B-101 Process for Creating or Revising Security Roles in SAP
C-100 Early Childhood Education Guidelines
H-100 Procedures for Verifying Service Credit or Eligibility with the Florida Retirement System
H-110 Procedures for Evaluating Instructional Personnel
H-112 Procedures for Evaluating Non-Instructional Personnel
H-114 Procedures for Evaluating Prin & Asst Prin
H-116 Procedures for Evaluating ESMAB Personnel
H-118 Procedures For the Instructional 97 Day Probationary Release
H-120 Procedures For the Non-Instructional 97 Day Probationary Release
H-220 Additional Assignments
H-130 Procedures For Employees Requesting A Reasonable Accommodation
H-140 Procedure for Hiring Instructional Staff
H-160 Procedures for Filing Disability Insurance
H-162 Procedures for Requesting Leave of Absence
H-180 Conducting Interviews ASPT_TSP
H-182 Conducting Interviews NIS Support
H-184 Demotion_Separation of Employment
H-186 Paperwork for New Hires
H-210 Procedure for Reporting Out-Of-Field Teachers
L-402 Position Control Process
O-100 Procedure for Property & Inventory Control