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Welcome to the I & T Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Support Site. “ERP” is a commonly used term in the business world to describe efforts that help streamline the business efforts across a whole organization. The ERP Department works to continually improve the business process of Broward County Public Schools. This site is dedicated to providing customer support needs and is designed to assist you to execute programs and implement school board policy.  For Support please contact: I & T Service Desk 754-321-0411. NOTE: This site is best viewed with display settings at 1280 x 1084 or higher. The Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal can now be accessed ONLY from within the U.S. using IE11 (Windows) or Firefox (MAC).. Click here for details.

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A total of 7,248 people as of December 2014 have made the decision to stop receiving paper copies of their pays stubs in support of the School District’s environmental stewardship strategic goal.  Aligning with the School District’s Go Green initiatives, all employees have the option of opting out of receiving a printed pay advice/pay stub. A video on how to complete this in Employee Self Service (ESS) can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Work instructions are also provided on these links. 
             Opt-Out/Opt-In Video                                        Opt Out of Pay Advice Instructions                   Logging Into (ESS) Instructions   


    *Employee Self Service (ESS), is normally down for weekend maintenance starting at 12 Noon each Saturday and finishing on Sundays at 1 PM. 

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