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Public Records Request

General Information

Employees of the Broward County Public Schools personnel file and general information is considered public record. The Florida Public Records Law (Florida Statute 119.071) requires public agencies to make available for inspection most written communications and records, including information about employees, except for Social Security numbers and other specific information.

Personnel Information Exemptions

Certain employees in the District are exempt from having their information disclosed, based on previous or current job responsibilities or family relationships (Florida Statute 119.071). To review the Personnel Information Exemptions Form or to apply for exemption click here.

Preparation and Copy Fees

Per School Board Policy 1343, Inspection and Examination of Public Records, preparation and copy charges may apply and are collected in advance of the documents being released.

Request Records

To request copies or to review a District Employee Personnel File, email your request to employment_services@browardschools.com or call Employment Services at (754) 321-0100.

In order to request files pertaining to work location documents, investigations, grievance files, please follow the District's Public Information Office Public Records Request protocol. A representative can be contacted at (754) 321-2300..

Charter School Employees

Each Charter School is maintained by its own Governing Board. That Governing Board is responsible for selecting, hiring, managing and overseeing its own Employees. We do not maintain Charter School Personnel Files or employment histories for employees of Charter Schools. For more information, call the District's Charter School Office at (754) 321-2135.

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