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District Employee Personnel File

The Employment Services Department maintains District Official Employee Personnel files.

A District Employee personnel file will typically contain the following information (list not inclusive):

  • Applications for Employment (resume, educational transcripts and degree)
  • Social Security Card (copy)
  • Licenses and Certification
  • Employment Clearance
  • Educational and Professional Certificates
  • Employment References
  • Employment Contracts
  • Employee Performance Appraisals
  • Reappointments
  • Personal Action Forms (change in pay, position, work schedule or location)
  • Salary Deduction Authorizations
  • Leave Requests
  • Letters of Reprimand
  • Resignation/Termination Documentation

The Employment Services Department follows all applicable Florida Statutes (FS) and School Board Policies (SBBC) while maintaining District Employee Personnel Files including FS 1012.31 and SBBC Policy 4016.

PDF Information on Work Location "Internal" Personnel Files