Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Public Records

Who can access my District Employee Personnel File?
Florida Statute 119.071(a) states that public records are open for inspection and copying by “any person.” Your District Employee Personnel File is considered a public record.

What information is exempt from public disclosure during a file inspection or request?
Exceptions include information such as social security numbers, medical records and payroll deductions unless requested by a court order or released via employee authorization.

Is there a charge for obtaining copies of my District Employee Personnel File?
Yes, per School Board Policy 1343, a fee of .15 for each page duplicated will be charged. If it takes in excess of 15 minutes to prepare a public records request, there may be a labor charge assessed in addition to the actual cost of the duplication.

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Teacher Contracts

What department distributes Teacher Contracts?
Teacher Contracts are distributed by the Certification and Incentives Department. They are distributed one time per year.

If I am on a Personal Leave, will a contract be printed and sent to my work location?
No, contracts are only provided for active employees and those on a Board Approved FMLA leave.

Tax Form W2 and W4

What department should icontact for W2 and W4 information?
Contact the Payroll Department for W2 and W4 information.

Why doesn’t my W2 Form show my annual contract amount?
The W2 Form reflects earnings paid during the calendar year (January - December). Employee contracts are based on the fiscal year (July - June). In addition, you may have earnings not included in your annual contract, such as supplements and additional positions.

Why doesn’t the Federal withholding tax on my W2 Form agree with the taxes withheld as shown on my paycheck?
Federal withholding tax does not include FICA Social Security and Medicare taxes. On the employee paycheck, Federal taxes are listed under “Tax Deduction Summary.”

I am no longer an employee and have moved. If I no longer have access to ESS, how do I obtain a copy of my W-2?
Address change requests will continue to be processed by the Compensation and HRIS Department via fax request to (754) 321-0138. Please include your personnel number, name, new address, and signature. If you do not know your personal number, please list the last four digits of your social security number.

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Unemployment Claim Fraud

What is Unemployment (UE) claim fraud?
There are two types of UE claim fraud. The first is when a person who is not unemployed falsely files a claim under his or her own name and social security number. The second is when a claim is filed by an imposter who is using the personal information of other individuals.

What can I do if I believe I have been a victim of UE claims fraud?
If you're a victim of UE claim fraud visit the government’s identity theft website.

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