Name or Address Change

Name or Address Change

Name Change

A copy of your signed Social Security Number (SSN) card with your new name must be attached to the Name Change Form to be processed. You name will be entered in the Human Resources/Payroll System (SAP) as it appears on your SSN card.
PDFName Change Form

Address Change

Current Employees
Current employees and recently separated (within the last 45 days) must update their address via Employee Self-Service (ESS). If you need assistance with ESS, please see the Office Manager or Payroll Contact person at your location.
Web Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Former Employees

Former employees requesting an address change more than 45 days after your job separation date will need to fill out the Address Change Form below.
PDFAddress Change Form

Newly Hired Employees claiming Confidential Status

Certain employees in the District are exempt from having their information disclosed, based on previous or current job responsibilities or family relationships. If you meet the criteria on the Personnel Information Exemptions Form below, you are eligible to be exempt. If none of the caterogories apply to you, there is no action you need to take. If you are eligible to be exempt, please print out and and complete the forms below.
PDFPersonnel Information Exemptions Form