OCTOBER 29, 2010
ROOM 155

Welcome to the New Youth Crime Watch Website. This Website is dedicated to those who make a difference in our neighborhood, their schools, and lifes. Check back regularly because new information will be added that will help you, the youth crime watchers, as well as future participants!!!!

Over 900 students and 100 advisors from 30 schools attended the
celebration at GAMEWORKS. The celebration included games, a
luncheon and most importantly honored students for their role
in helping keep their schools safe from violence.

This section is dedicated to those teachers, SRO's, or administrators that make a difference to your Youth Crime Watch in your school and in the neighborhood.

This Months Honor belongs to Mr. Randy Scott of South Plantation. He and his YCW students co-sponsored a walk-a-thon. The students help raise money, along with Sears, to help our brave men and women in uniform pay for needed home repairs. A special thanks to Mr. Scott and South Plantation's YCW!!!

This section is dedicated to those Schools, including the students, that make a difference to your Youth Crime Watch in your school and in the neighborhood.

This month that school is Sunrise Middle. put together a most succesful food drive at Thanksgiving, filling 7 cartons with food, necessities, baby items, etc. These boxes went to families within our own Sunrise family who had approached our social worker, Mrs. McGarry, indicating a temporary need for food. We still have items leftover which are distributed by the social worker as she sees fit.

They also had their first ever successful "Penny War" fundraiser. It ran a total of 13 days. The final count won't be done until end of day today but we have raised over $1000 in pennies and silver at the close of Day 12. Part of this money will be used to provide for needy families here at Sunrise. In addition, we are currently looking for (preferably) a Sunrise family whose parent is serving in the military overseas.


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