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No Child Left Behind | CHOICE - FAQ


What are the changes to the NCLB choice program?
 The changes to NCLB/Choice are due to recent federal modifications provided to the States.  The Florida Department of Education was granted a temporary and conditional Flexibility Request (NCLB Waiver) by the U.S. Department of Education in February 2012.  This means that schools will not be sending or receiving new students for NCLB/Choice.  The District is providing the opportunity for students who are currently attending an NCLB receiving school the stay at the school through the highest grade.

How do these changes affect my child?
All students who are currently participating in NCLB choice will have the opportunity to stay at the current school until the highest grade at that level (5th or 8th grade).

Will my child continue to receive transportation to his/her NCLB choice school?
 Yes. The District has approved the continuation of transportation for all students who are currently participating in NCLB choice and are living within the NCLB sending school boundary. However, the District is no longer obligated to provide transportation if the child enrolled at a NCLB choice school moves out of the NCLB sending school boundary. The parents are responsible for providing transportation to the Choice school.

Will my child’s sibling be automatically placed into the NCLB choice school?
 No. Any parent desiring to place their children in the same school will need to apply for reassignment during the application window. Information regarding the reassignment process will be available online. There is no guarantee for a seat.

What must I do for my child to remain at his/her current NCLB choice school?
 There is no further action that needs to be taken for your child to remain in his/her current NCLB choice school.


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