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2018-19 School Boundary Process Timeline

Dates Description Status
May 31, 2017 -
September 29, 2017
DSA to work with community members who want to draw boundary proposals. Process and proposals shared with principals, schools, city elected officials and community members; proposals to be posted on the DSA website as they become available
June 19, 2017 -
November 9, 2017

DSA provides an online forum for stakeholders to comment on posted boundary change proposals
June 27, 2017 RSBM School Boundary Committee Resolution
September 22, 2017 Deadline for one representative and one alternate from each I-Zone (through SAC/SAF) to be selected to the School Boundary Committee by the IZone Principal Facilitators
September 29, 2017 Deadline for community members to submit boundary change proposals
October 2017 New School Board Workshop On All Concepts
October 20, 2017 DSA hosts a video orientation and training meeting for members of the School Boundary Committee
October 16, 2017 - October 30, 2017 Community map proposers that met the initial proposal deadline have the opportunity to submit revised proposals based on input from the communities
November 2017 DSA holds a second round of community meetings with schools impacted by revised boundary change proposals
November 9, 2017 Deadline for all online comments on proposals
November 17, 2017 DSA to host a public School Boundary Committee meeting to share all proposed boundary changes with the community at-large at a location closest to the impacted schools
November 27, 2017 School Boundary Committee to meet and deliberate on all proposed boundary changes at a location closest to impacted schools
December 11, 2017

Tentative if needed. School Boundary Committee to meet and deliberate on any boundary proposal revisions by the Committee
January 16, 2018 School Boundary Committee representatives present the Committee’s recommendations to the School Board at a School Board workshop
January 19, 2018 Superintendent’s memo on final boundary recommendations
January 21, 2018 Public notice for two public hearings
February 21, 2018 School Board Boundary Public Hearing I
March 7, 2018 School Board Boundary Public Hearing II
April 2018

School Board Boundary Public Hearing III (If Needed)



(Archived 2017-18 School Boundary Process Timeline)


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