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2016-17 Boundary Proposal No. S1b,
Analysis and Community Input

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Proposal Number S1b
Date Submitted August 2, 2015
Submitted By Demographics & Student Assignments Staff
Schools Involved Hallandale Elementary, Gulfstream Middle, Olsen Middle, H. D. Perry Middle, Hallandale Adult & Community Center
IZones Involved Hallandale, Miramar, South Broward

Combine Hallandale Elementary School and Gulfstream Middle School as a kindergarten through eighth grade school on the current campuses of Hallandale Elementary School and Hallandale Adult & Community Center.

Relocate student and adult enrollment of Hallandale Adult & Community Center to the current campus of H. D. Perry Middle School.

Phase in a portion of the current Gulfstream Middle School boundary to Olsen Middle. Moves the current H. D. Perry Middle boundary into New Renaissance Middle OR moves the H. D. Perry Middle boundary into McNicol Middle and New Renaissance Middle.



Projected Enrollment Data

Considerations Reviewed

Class Size Impact This proposal is not anticipated to have an impact on Class Size.
Level of Service Impact This proposal is not anticipated to have an impact on Level of Service.
Enrollment Impact The kindergarten through eighth grade enrollment of Hallandale Elementary and Gulfstream Middle is anticipated to be easily accommodated by combined capacity of Hallandale Elementary and the Hallandale Adult & Community Center site.
Diversity Impact No impact.
Feeder Pattern Impact This proposal creates a perfect kindergarten through eighth grader feeder pattern by transferring the mis-aligned portion of the middle school boundary to Olsen Middle.
School Proximity Impact No impact.
Neighborhood Integrity Impact No impact.
Natural Barrier Impact No impact.



1.   Bonnie Maya at 05:50 PM on 11/18/2015
I have been a teacher at Gulfstream for 7 yrs. and at present, Gulfstream’s Teacher of the Year. We have grown and improved our school through hard work and collaboration. It is the people who have made this difference, not a building. In keeping with my desire to provide the best for our students, I agree with the move to a better building with labs and sports facilities. However, if the combining of H. Elementary and Gulfstream does not consist of RELOCATION of our students along with the faculty, I feel that the impact of present services would be severely negatively impacted for all community stakeholders. It is entirely UNFAIR that Gulfstream teachers will, in effect, be left without a job and be required to re-apply to the new K-8 Center, which is not required of the Elementary School’s faculty. As of today, 11/18/15, we don’t even know to whom we would be directing our application in March. We don’t even know if we would have one or two principals, much less who they might be. We see it as unfair that the wording of “Repurposing Gulfstream” (which will not actually happen for another year or more) was used. Using the language, “RELOCATING” or “COMBINING” apparently would assist in the problems with bargaining units. Our interest is that our students move to a better physical layout and facilities along with their teachers who have facilitated their learning and academic success. Our COMBINING the schools into a K-8 center should be equitable and beneficial for all stakeholders, including the STAFF. We ask for fair treatment for our faculty, but most of all for our students. They deserve to continue with the people who have sacrificed so much to make their school what it is today. THEY DESERVE to have those same teachers continue in their education. I am sure that the community of Hallandale agrees.
2.   Mathew Tobon at 04:03 PM on 11/19/2015

If we are going to change the teachers shouldn't have to apply again if they are already teachers. We would miss our teachers and would want to have the same teachers we are used to.

Is it possible to keep our teachers and have the same education we have at Gulfstream Middle School? What will change and what will be the same and the differences besides the environment? Will we have to re apply to the clubs we were in? Is this school going to be torn down or is it going to be used for something else?

3.   Hailey Snyder at 04:06 PM on 11/19/2015
Hi, I am Hailey Snyder, a student at Gulfstream Middle School.Gulfstream should not be moved or paired with an elementary school because teachers may have to re apply for their jobs.This matters because teachers may not get hired again, but all the staff here deserves their job.For example, Mrs.Conner has been with Gulfstream since the beginning, and has worked hard ever since, and so have many other teachers and staff who all deserve to keep their jobs.
4.   Jordy Navarro at 04:07 PM on 11/19/2015
Hi my name is Jordy and i am a student from Gulfstream middle school,i believe that a relocation would be a terrible idea that can cause a plethora of economic problems with the teachers as well as the student's parents.Such a change can throw the students and their parents off track while possibly causing problems. To add on, if they get rid of the after school program, Memorial, it can effect many kids who attend Gulfstream and in doing so, denying kids the extra hours they may need or can deny them the outstanding after school teachers that do everything in there power to help out kids who need the help. Not to mention that some of our favorite teachers will be forced to either move on to another school or reapply to teach there kids they adore. this kind of change can leave a devastating blow all around that causes more cons than pros.
5.   Nickolas Escobar at 04:12 PM on 11/19/2015

Hi my name is Nickolas Escobar and I am a student from Gulfstream Middle School and I just heard about this change today. From the comments below I see that all Gulfstream teachers have to reapply, but the teachers from Hallandale Elementary do not have to apply, to me this is unfair.

In my perspective if we approve this distribution the school will never be the same as it is. All the teachers that helped me be who I am today and helped me with subjects like math will be gone. How is this change gonna benefit the school in anyway? Gulfstream Middle is also a family as a whole and if this change takes place Gulfstream will no longer be a complete family.

In addition, I have read that there will be no impact in level of service. This change will already destroy a great service, the Youth Force program. So, will this change get rid of the Youth Force program. The Youth Force program has helped me with my homework when I need help. This program has great clubs like Youth Coalition that help the community and participate in academic enrichment activity. Will all great staff and faculty members be gone?

6.   JuanCarlos Rincon at 04:15 PM on 11/19/2015
Hello my name is JuanCarlos Rincon and I go to GMS and I am very sad that we are going to have to move to a new school because i really like this school and the opportunities we have at this school.The opportunities we have here are technology that we can get certified for Microsoft Office, can participate in drone/robot designing,we have P.E. and we can play sports to represent our school.Our school really likes these activites and we also have a after school program its a very awesome one I really like my teachers they are the best teachers in the universe, that's at least my opinion, the teachers I like on my schedule are Ms.Henn,Ms.D.Thomas,Mr.A.Calixte,Mr.C.Calixte,Ms.Petrutz,Ms.Wiezman,Ms.Pommels,and Mr.Mcdaniel. Thank you for reading and have a marvelous day.
7.   Tatyana Irving at 04:21 PM on 11/19/2015
My name is Tatyana I am a student at Gulfstream Middle School and I just found out about the relocation at our school. I want to state why I think that we should not re-apply the teachers to the new school. My first reason is because, at Gulfstream Middle School we have best staff. I want to give some credit to my teachers, principles and the staff in my after school program for the support and encouragement through out the period of time that I have met. The teachers that I want to give credit to is Mr. O'Brien for the encouragement through the technology world. Ms. Henn for teaching and giving me a chance to understand a difficult subject for me. Mr. Pappas for the good words of wisdom every time I hear his voice(that is the principle). Ms. Petrutz for helping understand how to properly write, I also want her to stay because, this year would be her first year at Gulfstream and it would be devastating if she would not be able to stay with us at Gulfstream Middle School. Ms. Jones I really want her to stay because, she helps me with my school work a lot. Lastly, I want my after school counselor Ms. Brittany to stay she is very funny, creative, nice and encouraging. Basically, all I am saying is that all the staff at Gulfstream Middle school as well as the after school program staff should stay because, they are all supportive and encouraging.
1) When will our school be relocated?
2) Why do the teacher have to re-apply for the job?
3) Why do we have to combine with Elementary students?
4) What was the main purpose of relocating the school?
5) Is the school an outside school or inside?
8.   Irianna Rosario at 04:23 PM on 11/19/2015
A K-8 sounds like a good idea but having the teachers reapply for the job again is a bad idea. The teachers here are great and helpful. They are willing to help each and every student. Even the staff in the office are nice,kind and helpful. There are so many helpful teachers. The parents and students at Gulfstream choose to have K-8 with all of the same teachers. What about the after school program? Would there be a program for students who's parents work late? I think the teachers shouldn't have to reapply for the job. The teachers at Gulfstream middle are great.
9.   Kayla Williams at 04:24 PM on 11/19/2015
Hey,I'm Kayla Williams attending Gulfstream Middle School. I think that removing all the teachers from Gulfstream is a bad idea. I say this because these new teachers out here "NEED" to stay they deserve to be at Gulfstream. Mr.Carlo known as Steven Carlo is the best teacher ever as well as Mrs. Brandley known as Janice Brandley and last but not least Ms.Abe.I will love this decision of moving but leave the teachers out of it carry them along with us to Hallandale K-8.
10.   Carla Augustin at 04:27 PM on 11/19/2015
I've been at Gulfstream Middle school for three years,this is my last year in this school.Personally all of my seven teachers from six grade to now are wonderful. I read in the comments that all of the teachers from Gulfstream middle school may not be here anymore because they have to reapply and that broke my heart because all those teachers have gone all out for our academics and more.Three great teachers that i have are are Ms. Neunie,Ms.Jones and Ms.Conner,I consider those my great teachers because they have gone all out for us.Every single morning they come from 7:15 to 4:00 and our school ends at 2:15 that is how you know they are dedicated to what they are doing.Ms.Conner is my JFG teacher she teaches me responsibility,honesty, and much more.Honestly if all of the teachers got replaced it will ruin our Gulfstream family and community, and do you guys really want to that? Think about it.
11.   johnathan shortridge at 04:30 PM on 11/19/2015
Why would this new school not want these amazing teachers?Gulfstream middle school has the most amazing teachers I've seen and strive their students for the best. Ms.neunie,Mr.obrien,Mr.charles,Ms.conner, and Mr.carlo are some of the best teachers we have right now. This is a outrageous preposterous idea for these amazing teachers to not still have a job when they move schools. Moving schools is a great idea. But reapplying for their jobs its not one. I love these teachers. All these teachers help you with multiple stuff like life and how life can be beneficial to you. Gulfstream middle school staff and students are family and without our family we wont be complete.
12.   Jaya Miller at 04:31 PM on 11/19/2015
Hello my name is Jaya Miller. I attend Gulfstream Middle School.I do not agree with the idea of combining Gulfstream Middle with Hallandale Elementary. For me I am a sixth grader and i just started attending this school. If I had to change schools at only three months into school I would not be happy. I love the teachers here and I love this school. I would love to spend my 6th-8th grade years here without having to combine schools with elementary students.What about all the teachers that have a job here, they will all have to re-apply and might not get their job back. It is not fair for us to have to change schools because of what you think is better for us.What about what we want, because I know I want to stay. I would not want to switch schools because I am already getting use to procedures at Gulfstream Middle. Please reconsider your decisions. Thank you for reading.
13.   Davaughna Williams at 04:34 PM on 11/19/2015
When I heard that we would be moving to a new school and upgrading, I was so happy. However when I read that the people who worked so hard to make sure that we do are best every day, who go above and beyond for us, who come in everyday to make sure that we're prepared for what life has to throw at us and who put in extra time just to make sure that no one is left behind. I was shocked but most of all I was disappointed. That in return this is what they get. One day my teacher said "I teach for the love of kids not for the money. "Another once said "That you'll know when you find what you love because you'll be able to do it every day without ever getting paid." I don't know if I'll ever be able to find another teacher who love and care about us as much as they do.
My question to you is it really necessary that you take away the people that we know and love?
14.   Ashley Rivera at 04:36 PM on 11/19/2015

Hi I'm Ashley Rivera! I'm very upset with this proposal! Gulfstream middle school was fine without having to add Hallandale Elementary! And plus i'm new to this school! I'm in 6th grade and in the pass few months I have noticed how amazing this school is! Really, many of my teachers have helped me a lot. First of all, I wanna start of by thanking my principle Mr. Pappas, he has been a great principle from walking around the hallways to make sure everyone is safe to saying the morning announcements. Teachers have helped me a lot too.

~ Ms.Mcdaniel- She has helped me with science and has been very sweet since day 1!


~Mr.Calixte- He has been so funny in class while teaching us! Btw: He Teaches World History.

~Ms.Carey- She is such an awesome and sweet teacher. She supports me and teaches me reading.

And there is a BILLION more reasons to keep these wonderful teachers and this school.

15.   Robert Rivera at 04:37 PM on 11/19/2015
Hi im Robert Rivera and im very sad that Gulfstream Middle School will be closing down because its my first year here and I really like all my teachers especially my science math and world history teachers Ms.Mcdaniel, Mr.Calixte and Ms.hill. they help me when I don't understand something and they make me happy when I'm down.The fact that the school is getting closed down makes me really sad. Without this school I wont be complete because i really like this school. In the new school are they going to have memorial because memorial is one of the funnest places to go after school especially on Friday is when the clubs happen and youth coalition is awesome because we learn alot and do community service.
16.   Evelyn Gutierrez at 04:38 PM on 11/19/2015
Hello my name is Evelyn Gutierrez, I think that our school teachers should be sent to the other school with us because we are used to our teachers that have been here in the pasted years because we are used to the way they teach us. One of the teachers that have helped me a lot was Ms. Pomells from Gulfstream Middle School. She has helped me a lot with my grades and with school because i would not pay attention in class and would always get kicked out of class because i talked a lot and used to talk back to my teachers. Ms. Pomells would tell the teachers who sent me out to sent me to her and when i would go to her class after getting kicked out she would talk to me and teach me life lesson's and would tell me stories about her life and how what i was doing wasn't going to help me in the future. And she would take the time to help me through out her planning time so i could pass the EOC. I passed the EOC and i thank her for taking time to give me extra help. That is why Gulfstream Middle School should take their teachers with them.
17.   Tamia Sue at 04:42 PM on 11/19/2015
I believe that many teachers and staff should stay with a job at the relocated Gulfstream Middle School. I have been going to GMS since 6th grade and these teachers and staff have encouraged us and taught us things that other kids should know.For example, my 8th grade math teacher Ms.Lychelle Jones have given us extra help with our problem areas and put in extra hours than she needs to so her kids can excel.Also, Ms.Karen Pommelles(my 7th grade civics teacher) prepared her students to pass the EOC exam.She gave us quizzes and helpful homework so we would pass the EOC with flying colors.Additionally, Ms.Neunie my technology teacher since 7th grade is continually putting effort in her students that other kids need.For example, she gives out countless study guides and guided practices for us.She stays before and after school everyday similarly to others.Other teachers that have went over and above for students are: Ms.Misogi Abe,Mr.Ernie Charles,Ms.Staci Conner,Ms.Ashley Ronnan,Mr.Steven Carlo, and Ms.Staci Hill.
Some staff members like Mr.Herman Smith,Ms.desiree Felder,Ms.Christine Moss,and Ms.Kienna Knowles should stay staff at the new relocated Gulfstream Middle.These staffs provide Gulfstreamers with many things.For example, if you want to go to the school dance really bad and you don't have money they will use their own money to give to students.Also,they provide care and love that you wont find from any other staff.Gulfstream will never be the same Gulfstream Family without these staffs and teachers.
I believe that these teachers should be given jobs at the relocated Gulfstream Middle School because these teachers in my opinion have been really helpful for the success rate of my academics and well-being.Other kids should have the opportunity to experience this diverse helpful family.
18.   Megan Rubio at 04:45 PM on 11/19/2015
Hi my name is Megan Rubio and I believe that we should be able keep Gulfstream Middle School. I just started as a sixth grader and I was just started learning about the school and also want to be able to teach little kids about it when they join the school.Another reason I hope to keep the school is i don't wan't to have new teachers because i just started to get along with a few of my teachers. One of them is Ms.Carey she is chill and very nice about everything and i don't want to break our relationship if she has to move. So these are the reasons why we should keep the school or at least the teachers.



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