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2016-17 Boundary Proposal No. M1,
Analysis and Community Input

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Proposal Number M1
Date Submitted October 2, 2015
Submitted By Staff
Schools Involved Martin Luther King Elementary, Virginia Shuman Young Elementary
IZones Involved Dillard, Fort Lauderdale
Description Expands the current in-boundary Montessori innovative program at Martin Luther King Elementary to be an out-of-boundary magnet program serving Broward County north of Interstate 595. Students living in this area may apply to either the Virginia Shuman Young or Martin Luther King Elementary Montessori programs.



Considerations Reviewed

Class Size Impact This proposal is not anticipated to have an impact on Class Size.
Level of Service Impact This proposal is not anticipated to have an impact on Level of Service.
Enrollment Impact This proposed program may alleviate under-enrollment at Martin Luther King Elementary, may enable more elementary students to participate in a Montessori program ( 481 applicants were not able to be admitted to the VSY program this year due to insufficient space).
Diversity Impact This proposal may help reduce minority isolation at Martin Luther King Elementary.
Feeder Pattern Impact No impact.
School Proximity Impact No impact.
Neighborhood Integrity Impact No impact.
Natural Barrier Impact No impact.



1.   Corey King at 11:25 AM on 10/28/2015
This is a great expansion of a wonderful program. Thanks to everyone at Martin Luther King who worked so hard on this!
2.   Tabitha Allan at 01:16 PM on 11/12/2015

Making Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Montessori Academy an out of boundary Montessori magnet program would be awesome for the district and for the community. Looking at Virginia Shulman Young and Beachside Montessori, which are two coveted Montessori elementary programs in the district, I believe having making this school an out of boundary magnet program will hopefully cure minority isolation and assist with under enrollment.

This school has a phenomenal group of teachers and administrators who are doing all they can to ensure that the school and students are successful.



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