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2016-17 Boundary Proposal No. C6,
Analysis and Community Input


Disclaimer: The following school boundary proposals have been submitted by community members for the 2016-2017 school year. These proposals were not created by District staff and they solely reflect the ideas and opinions of the community members who proposed them. Although these community members have worked with District staff to gather data and ensure that the posted proposals meet the mandated criteria of Class Size and School Concurrency Level of Service, these proposals may or may not meet additional considerations for establishing school boundaries, align with School Board Policy 5000, or be in the best interest of the communities, students and schools impacted. All proposals, inclusive of community comments, will be presented to and discussed by the School Board for consideration.
Proposal Number C6
Date Submitted October 2, 2015
Submitted By John Casagrande
Schools Involved Cypress Bay High, Western High
IZones Involved Cypress Bay, Western
Description Moves a portion of the Cypress Bay High boundary into Western High and a portion of the Western High boundary into Cypress Bay High so that communities that were formerly within the Cypress Bay High boundary may attend school there.



Projected Enrollment Data

Considerations Reviewed

Class Size Impact As Cypress Bay High has been increasing in enrollment and is currently utilizing all of its gross capacity, moving an area into its boundary may result in it being subsequently moved back out in order for class size requirements to be met.
Level of Service Impact As Cypress Bay High has been increasing in enrollment and is currently utilizing all of its gross capacity, moving an area into its boundary may result in it being subsequently moved back out in order for Level of Service to be met.
Enrollment Impact As this proposal moves out a comparable area in order for another to move in, the immediate net impact on enrollment would be neutral.
Diversity Impact No impact.
Feeder Pattern Impact No impact.
School Proximity Impact No impact.
Neighborhood Integrity Impact No impact.
Natural Barrier Impact No impact.



1.   Stacey Rodriguez at 10:20 AM on 10/29/2015

It seems to me that this proposal segregates the 'elite' weston from the middle class.
If any divisions should be made, it should take into consideration the border that governs Tequesta Trace Middle, those students can be transitioned into Western High.
NOTE : The problem lies in the fact that there are 6 Elementary Schools transitioning into 2 Middle which transition into 1 High School i.e. a TERRIBLE BOTTLE NECK SCENARIO.
What would fix this problem for those of us who want to live in Weston but cannot afford those elite areas is another High School being built.
There is more than enough space/land on South Post Road that can be allotted to this.
This is where our tax-payers $ should be going as our taxes based on our 33326 zip code are much higher than the zip codes that are allotted to the Western High School zones.
This is just food for thought...

Stacey Rodriguez

2.   M Chandler at 11:37 AM on 10/29/2015

Please further explain the rationale and benefit of essentially swapping out one neighborhood for another? Based on what I see here, this proposal is calling for the neighborhood closer to Cypress (Country Isles) to go to Western and the neighborhood closer to Western (Tequesta) to go to Cypress?

I am curious to hear the justification for a "swap out" if the enrollment effect is zero?

3.   Robert Martin at 03:50 PM on 10/29/2015
This change makes no sense in that the existing locations are already nearer and associated to the schools. Both areas are in Weston, and making this change would not be fair to the communities already situated within the current boundaries. Home purchases, especially for people with children were decided on by the current boundaries and which schools their kids would or are attending. In my opinion, this proposal should NOT be considered as it does not improve any situation for the district.
4.   Maria Arce at 02:15 PM on 11/3/2015
This proposal make no sence it do not sound with a rationale reason and could be devastating for teanagers been moved back anf forth from schools. You will be afecting students that are already adapted to school environment changing them of school will be emotionally bad. I don't agree since do not have a valid reason other than because a person say so and want to move it back. Sound like a one person interest and not school or community best interest.
5.   Carmen Dommar at 11:50 PM on 11/8/2015
I do not agree with this proposal either.
Zone B is closer to Cypress than zone A.
I sustain that each every year the schools should ask for a valid proof of residence.
6.   Werner Chang at 06:03 PM on 11/10/2015
This type of boundary changes will not aid the school's overpopulation, it would be more appropriate to perform a study of how many students are really living where they say they are. Cypress Bay HS is a very attractive school for it's grades and accomplishments, That's the main reason parents will use a friend or a relative's address just for their son or daughter to attend CBHS. By controlling that problem overpopulation will be reduced in a good percentage. Just a humble opinion.
7.   Elizabeth Cuevas at 07:46 PM on 11/10/2015
I do not agree with the change , it is not good for children to change schools after being accustomed to the system of their school, their friends and teachers. These changes affect them emotionally.

The suggestion is that every High School do an audit each year to ensure that children actually lives in the school's boundary.
8.   Charmaine Kuipers at 07:50 PM on 11/10/2015
I am completely against this proposal. I purchased my house in Weston due to the schools I wanted my children to attend. My children have been attending schools in Weston since kindergarten, why would anyone propose separating children from friends they have grown up with, especially when they are starting in high school. This proposal completely destroys any sense of community by intentionally dividing up our community Country Isles. Our neighbor Country Isles Patio 2 is not included in this proposal and so is Garden Homes, Executive 2 etc. Most of my children's friends and neighbors kids who grew up together will be attending Cypress while ours will be in Davie. Again, my children will be separated from friends who he's been going to school with since Kindergarten, due to this proposal. This proposal has not considered the well being of the residents nor more importantly the negative impact this will have on the children it will be affected. What is the true intention of proposing such change? The proposal is not easing the over crowding problem at Cypress Bay. From where our community is the distance to Cypress Bay High is shorter than to Western High.
9.   Wendy perez at 09:32 PM on 11/10/2015
I feel that in removing executive 1 and executive 2 in country Isles from the boundaries is completely unacceptable. We are one of the oldest communities in Weston the "original", other communities like Savanna or the Isles of Weston came along years later and now they get to stay at Cypress and we don't that's not fair. My family and I just bought in this neighborhood Executive 1 for that reason only. Paid a lot of money for a house and now the boundaries are going to change. Something else needs to be done. We pay WESTON taxes and our children should go to Cypress NOT Western!!
10.   Axel Fuentes at 10:34 PM on 11/10/2015
Totally disagree on both proposals for the boundaries changes in Weston. I would like to know the analisis that was done for these changes. I've lived 6 years in Weston and the main reason for it was the schools. Not agreed !!!
11.   Maki Criscaut at 10:30 AM on 11/11/2015
I couldn't agree more. I've never understood why the community of Tequesta which is the oldest community of Weston , with its very high taxes, was pulled out of the original zoning.
Half of the properties in Country Isles are rentals.
Whomever is paying the higher taxes should have the right to the better school.
12.   Eli Tere at 07:01 PM on 11/11/2015
All of above! Not much is logical with this proposal
13.   Alejandro Esponda at 09:12 PM on 11/11/2015
As others have commented this "swap" has absolutely no rationale in terms of lowering the amount of students that go to a certain high school. 33326 zip code pays taxes for Cypress Bay not another high school, also a lot of people decided to move there due to the fact of having that high school for their children. The fact that Country Isles is south and closer to Cypress bay is another reason not to move, by any means either northern areas are moved to western high or as another person said build another high school.
14.   Doretta Maciel at 11:19 PM on 11/11/2015
The Bonaventure area seems similar to Country Isles area in terms of diversity so I cannot see any benefit in this proposal. Moving one group formerly zoned for Cypress Bay HS back into the Cypress boundary at the expense of another doesn't seem right.
15.   Asturianote Suarez at 07:54 AM on 11/12/2015
This proposal does not make any sense because it does not help to solve any problems. Using the Broward county public records (Broward county property appraiser web site) one can easily see that Mr. Casagrande's property is in the zone that he is proposing to incorporate in the Cypress Bay school district. It is a shame that people tries to abuse the system in their own benefit. If Mr. Casagrande wants his kids to go to Cypress Bay he should buy a house in Weston and pay Weston's properties values and taxes. I trust that the school board will analyse this requests and realize the obvious conflict of interest and dismiss this request.
16.   Paula Laird at 02:10 PM on 11/12/2015
After reviewing the map and the considerations, this proposed boundary change does not provide any benefit to the students of Cypress Bay High School or the school's current enrollment/class size. Ideally building a second High School within the City of Weston would solve the problem. Possibly a city funded charter high school could be the answer. BCSB and the City of Weston NEED to brainstorm as a team and provide other alternatives to the problem. This proposal is not the answer.
17.   Travis C at 02:10 PM on 11/12/2015
Google tells me that the person who proposed this lives in zone A...
18.   James McPhee at 02:39 PM on 11/12/2015
Overall, I am against this proposal. As to "Neighborhood Integrity Impact" this proposal, indeed has a NEGATIVE impact, not "No Impact" as stated. It would would divide Country Isles Patio Homes into two, placing the Eastern portion in Western High and keeping the Western portion in Cypress High.
19.   Raul e. Coronado at 02:42 PM on 11/12/2015
I fell that every student that live in Weston and pay taxes here shall be in Weston and not in David city, it is time to star to think on another high school that can take care our demands.
Thank you.
20.   Raul E. Coronado at 02:52 PM on 11/12/2015
I would like to protest this proposal.
We live in the city of Weston and we pay property taxes in Weston, I do not see the reason why our children have to attend another city high school, it is time that our representative star to look into this situation to get a resolution, like build another high school in Weston not outside of our judition.
Thank you.
21.   Michael Chad at 03:42 PM on 11/12/2015
I urge all of you to consider the effect this will have on the values of your homes, as well as the education your children will be receiving in the future. Do not agree to this segregation, fight it, as it is clearly a back-handed proposal by those who have proposed it to benefit from this redefined zoning.
22.   Laura Lotito at 05:58 PM on 11/12/2015

Every decision our family has made since the birth of our son 11 years ago, was based on him attending Weston schools. We purchased our over-priced home and paid our high taxes all these years in order for him to reap the benefits of attending excellent schools close to home.

Furthermore, it saddens me to think that the board considers it appropriate to accommodate the homeowners in a more affluent neighborhood (Tequesta Manor Homes) that is further away from Cypress Bay as well as splitting the school boundaries of these developments. Though the current boundary is suspect, this current suggestion makes less sense.

Think of the bussing issues. Literally, the school system will need 2 sets of busses to pick up students along Country Isles Road and Three Village Road, to send them further away from home. All of this is at a cost to ALL taxpayers.

The real issue that should be addressed are the number of students attending Cypress with fake addresses. The school should conduct address verifications and withdraw students who do not live within the boundary to their home school.

23.   Laura Lotito at 06:42 PM on 11/12/2015
John Casagrande, the gentleman who submitted this proposal, lives in Tequesta Manor homes---the neighborhood that currently attends WESTERN HIGH SCHOOL. Though I would appreciate him wanting to simply include his neighborhood within the Cypress Bay boundaries, I take issue with him wanting to exclude anyone. It's unfortunate that he invested in a home, 25 years ago, that has historically NEVER attended Cypress Bay.
24.   Juan Pantoja at 09:19 PM on 11/12/2015
Definitively, NOT in agreement with this proposal. It doesn't make any sense. It is not in the best interest of the communities, students and schools impacted. I will vote against it if allowed.
25.   Jorge Fernandez at 11:20 PM on 11/12/2015
This sounds more like a tantrum rather than a thoughtful proposal. Basically swap one neighborhood for another because??? It reads "to allow students living in Tequesta Lake and Tequesta Pointe neighborhoods to attend Cypress Bay High", which sounds great, but the consequence is that "students" living in Executive I and other subdivisions in area "B" will NOT be allowed to attend Cypress Bay High any longer. Even the same homeowners association of Executive Homes will be split in half between Executive I and Executive II in order to accommodate this change. This looks more like redrawing electoral districts for political gain. Gerrymandering?
26.   Diego Ocampo at 06:29 AM on 11/13/2015
I have still one children in high school, grade 10th, and we're not in agree that other ones will decide to change to another school, we moved here because of cypress school bay was the first option.
27.   Vivíana Buenaventura at 07:10 AM on 11/13/2015
I bought house in Country Isles patio homes I, because I have a teenager at cypress bay grade 10th, and our homes will go down on prices, for this I'm not in agree to move to another should control if all the students at cypress bay, lives here in Weston, next to cypress bay community.
28.   Carmen Velasco at 09:21 AM on 11/13/2015
Class size will definitely be impacted, maybe not immediately, but certainly in the next years. Enrollment will also be impacted as people in this city usually move in and out with the school boundaries in mind. The Tequesta community has lost many families with children due to their school zone. That is the only reason why they have less students. That would change if this new proposal is accepted at this time. The people making this proposal are only thinking about their economic benefit and the value and marketability of their homes. They have not stopped one second to think about the well being of the students impacted. As a teacher and a mother of children who would be impacted by this proposal, I can only say that I am disgusted by it. We went through this a few years ago when the school district was trying to solve a real problem regarding the amount of students at Cypress Bay. The problem was solved and the students were able to adapt and adjust to their schools. With this proposal you would not be solving any problems related to the school, and you would affect and disrupt the lives of many students during this vulnerable time in their lives. As a Broward School Board employee I trust that you will make the right decision with the many students that will be affected in mind and not the economic benefit of a handful of people. Further more, it makes absolutely no sense to move kids from one community and switch them with the same amount of kids from another community???? Those kids are already thriving at their schools, so why would you move them? In addition, you will be breaking up the Country Isles community which creates an unnecessary problem with the buses situation and neglects the ability of students to make friends within their communities with kids who go to their same high school. It also doesn't make sense to move Country Isles which is closer to Cypress Bay with Tequesta which is closer to Western. That just shows how much thought these people have put to this proposal. It just doesn't make sense!
29.   sue gomez at 03:44 PM on 11/13/2015
do not agreed with thid changes. please check home addresses for students and will see that a big percentage lives outside boundaries line. this school is for weston residents and they should have priorities.
30.   Arturo Busca at 03:51 PM on 11/13/2015
OK, so this proposal is very clear: the rich part of Bonaventure (ie South of Saddle Club Road and North of Indian Trace) moves into Cypress Bay catchment area, and the poor part of Weston moves into Western High. These decisions are simply dictated by speculations on real estate. These swap do not make any sense.
31.   Ruth Suhood at 09:18 PM on 11/13/2015
Five years ago, when we moved to Florida from Texas, we specifically searched up the best schools in this area. Cypress Bay is ranked #16 in all of Florida. We looked specifically for neighborhoods zoned to Cypress, and so purchased our house in The Lakes. I've had one son graduate from Cypress and we saw all the benefits as he applied to colleges. My daughter, a senior now at Cypress Bay too has been able to take advantage of various opportunities this great school offers. My youngest child is now a freshman at Cypress Bay, and has just started to reap the benefits of attending one of the top schools in Florida. We believe that we, as Home Owner Association members of Weston- The Lakes should not have this opportunity taken away from our families. Cypress offers a variety of opportunities whether it be a larger selection of AP courses than any other school in this area, or the top rated sports teams that have offered so many scholarships to various students, or the 60+ extracurricular clubs that bring career, academic, and even health benefits. This is completely unjust and would take away so many opportunities we were guaranteed when we bought our house here. My family, has friends in this neighborhood, we have settled here, we have adjusted to the school, and to take this away would be extremely unjust. Our youngest daughter shouldn't be taken away from her school, that she's already become accustomed to, the friends she has already grown close with, the sports team she has already become part of, or the club she has become involved in. If size is a problem at cypress Bay, then it should be handled by investigating those attending Cypress that do not live in the correct zone, not dislocating a subdivision that has already been living in Weston.
32.   Rose Muench at 11:28 AM on 11/14/2015
For the last several years Weston has tried and failed to build another high school. The school board should not be taking children from their present schools. Parents moved to specific areas, paying their taxes because of the school closest to them! What can you possibly mean when you print "No Impact?" Of course there is!!!!
33.   kathy plantamura at 12:01 PM on 11/14/2015
I think this is very unfair to students and families. They live in Weston to attend the Weston schools. There are many people who live in other towns who illegally find a way to say they live in Weston. I truly feel that needs to be stopped. You need to have more then a phone bill or utility bill to prove residency. Like the deed to the home
or tax bill. It's not fair to families who legally live in Weston
34.   Kim Manfrediz at 12:27 PM on 11/14/2015
If a proposal is submitted by the school board to relieve overcrowding issues it must be given consideration. However, this proposal is submitted by a parent who simply wants to swap kids and disrupt 2 schools so their child can go to a different school. There simply is no reasonable basis for a swap and the patterns make no sense. If the board approves this it will set a precedent for other parents to submit future proposals anytime they wish to change their child's school and we will find ourselves revisiting this issue every year. Please reject this proposal as it has no merit and to prevent future frivolous proposals. Thank you.
35.   Hernan Nucci at 03:10 PM on 11/15/2015
Before trying a rezoning, some independent agency must investigate how many kids from other cities are attending Cypress Bay High. The school is very diligent with the admission process, but "address lending" and other tricks were used by some parents to get a spot at Cypress Bay.
Besides this, splitting communities this way, is not good.
36.   Timothy A. welch at 05:43 PM on 11/15/2015
This proposal C6 appears to be inappropriate, not that Residents and their children in the Tequesta community shouldn't be allowed to re-enter the Cypress Bay High School area, but because there shouldn't be a displacement of the Executive residents and their children from Cypress Bay HS to accomplish this.
The more logical proposal would be for the school board to remove the many students who are inappropriately authorized to enroll at Cypress Bay HS, and who should be assigned to different schools where they "actually live" so that both of these community's kids are allowed to attend Cypress Bay as they should because they "actually live" in this assigned area. There is definitely a number of students who's parents fake their way into Indian Trace and Eagle Point Elementary, Tequesta Trace Middle, and Cypress Bay and who should not have been permitted to enroll in these schools.
There is definitely a loope hole in the school assignment evaluation process for these schools, whereby several families have been allowed to enter their children into the Weston area schools without "actually living in Weston", and this problem is simply unacceptable and should not be tolerated by the school board, and requires immediate attention as well.
37.   Iraseme Smith at 08:27 AM on 11/16/2015
The gentleman that has submitted this proposal, is a resident of Tequesta. It stands to reason that his only reason for submitting this proposal, is to include his neighborhood in the Cypress Bay boundary. While I can certainly understand his position, how did he determine that the people in Section B should be sent to Western? The homeowners in Section B pay Weston taxes, not Davie taxes. I don't see any benefit to the community. If, this proposal actually changed the overcrowding at Cypress, perhaps it would make sense. Seems very self serving. Perhaps, the School Board should start requiring Verification of Residence on a yearly basis, to eliminate students that do not actually live in the Cypress Bay boundary.
38.   Amanda Sullivan at 08:30 AM on 11/16/2015
I am going to object to this proposal on grounds of unethical manipulation and capitalization of the Broward County School boundary system. The proposer should be ashamed to waste time and resources trying to personally profit from the school system in this county. Facts are Western AND Cypress Bay are both good schools and if I had to make a switch for the betterment of all children involved, I would gladly. Although this proposal does not affect me it does grate against the grain of my moral fiber and therefore I'm giving my opinion. Thank you!
39.   Marlon Rojas at 09:31 AM on 11/16/2015
The relationships that our kids have been created across several years sharing the same school with his/her friends of other sub-divisions in our community is a fundamental part of their success and academic performance,as a parents this also gives us the opportunity to interact with other parents/ neighbors and together take car of our children, this redistricting proposal doesn't take into account this key element of our children development, on top of that will reduce the quality of our kid's education moving them from a school ranked #16 to a School ranked #60. It is also expected that the value of our properties will be reduced since one of the drivers to select this community is the reputation of schools like Cypress Bay. If this proposal passes many homeowners will be impacted and will evaluated other alternatives for ensuring a proper education for our children.
40.   Gilda Batista at 07:17 PM on 11/16/2015
Thank you board members for taking the time to review my comment. I and my family are against Community Proposal C6 because it would directly impact the education of students that are currently enrolled in Cypress Bay. Those students have established educational relationships with their teachers and their peers. Let's focus on what is best for the students and not what is best for the individual that submitted this proposal. In addition to keeping the best interest in mind for currently enrolled Cypress Bay students, I would like more clarification on why would a neighborhood that is farther away from Cypress Bay (Tequesta) be in included in the boundary zone and a community that closer to Cypress Bay (Executive 1) be excluded? It doesn't make sense. Board members please think about when you were in High School and how important it was to have established roots with your classmates and teachers. I would hate to see students look back at their high school years and being a terrible experience because they were forced to change their educational plans and goals at the expense of a proposal being submitted by an individual that does not have the students' best interest in mind. Thank you!
41.   Maria M Hernandez at 08:58 AM on 11/17/2015
I don't agree with this proposal.
The main reason I bought a property here in Weston was because the schools were and are some of the best in Florida. I have been paying taxes to the city of Weston for 20 years to support its schools, including Cypress Bay. Why do I have to be excluded from something I am paying for?
This proposal won't solve the overcrowded problem, in fact it will cause more problems. For example two different school buses running in the same street causing more traffic, more Co2 and more cost to the tax payers. This is not a sustainable and efficient solution. This will hurt the future projection of Broward County on his Climate Action Plan.
42.   Maurizio Bettoli at 12:29 PM on 11/17/2015
I see a lot of anger on this post and very little common sense. I understand that if your child is being affected it would upset you, but lets see this for what it is. Cypress bay is over crowded. in fact it is 21 seats away from its maximum capacity. last year alone the population increased by about 100 students. next year it is expected to increased to 4666 students that would be 48 over capacity. this proposal was moving students from Cypress to Western to maintain more students together from elementary thru high school. Unfortunately because of school board rules. if you sent all students from the country isles section to western. These students will go over permanent capacity and into trailers, hence it is not permitted by SBBC.
There is no community small enough and contiguous to the western HS zone for the change to be swift. This change will add 68 students to western postponing the breach of capacity at cypress by another year. for Western this change will keep it under is current permanent population capacity and well below its gross capacity. Also, keep in mind that 346 students currently at Western do not reside within western's boundaries and are there just because there is room.
the school board has decided not to add extra capacity at Cypress hence next year or the year after that there will be changes. Whether we like them or not.
Also, we all have heard all the stories about students registered at cypress that do not live in Weston. We all can see the hundreds of vehicles heading east right after class is released. However, the school board staff will not do address verification. If you bring in the minimum paperwork required then you are in, which in my opinion is part of this problem. I'm not asking to verify everyone. but at least every one that changes zone and claims to have moved within the last year or two. and remember they are both county schools
43.   Stacie Charley at 01:03 PM on 11/17/2015
My family completely disagrees with this proposal. We have 2 young children currently attending Country Isles Elementary and they will continue to grow bonds with their neighborhood fellow students throughout these impressionable years. One of the main decisions in buying a home in Weston was based on the Weston school district. I agree that address verification for the Cypress Bay students could help this situation.
44.   Robert Sanford at 05:38 PM on 11/17/2015
Like most of the responses above, I am strongly against this proposal! (The ironically named) Mr Casagrande apparently wants his children to attend Cypress Bay, while forcing children in nearby neighborhoods (some of whom already attend CBHS, or have siblings that do so) to switch to Western HS.
It's also unfortunate that children in both areas A and B are currently friends at Tequesta Trace MS. Why do you want to pit friends and neighbors against one another?
Why not allow families in both sections to choose which school is best for them?!!
45.   Jacqueline Marzan at 07:35 PM on 11/17/2015

As a homeowner in Country Isles' Executive I Homes, I vigorously oppose proposal C.6. This proposal is not in the best interest of the students and communities affected and is not in alignment with School Board Policy 5000. Specifically, the community of Executive Homes would be split in 2, needlessly dividing our community and compromising the integrity of our close-knit community. This proposal would also disrupt feeder patterns given that these children who are zoned for Country Isles Elementary then Tequesta M.S. would then separate into 2 distinct high schools: Western and Cypress Bay. This exact same scenario will occur in The Lakes community. Further, Western is a greater distance to Executive Homes I than Cypress Bay. A bridge (over I-75) and busy Weston Road further divide many bike riding students from Western creating a physical barrier to Weston children independently commuting to school and an increased need for bus services not currently needed. This will result in an economic impact not identified by the proposer. If the population swell is a concern then the local authority and the communities which it serve should determine to identify owners of rented homes who continue to send their children to Weston schools while their renters do the same. This is not only dishonest but rampant. Addressing such an issue will go far in reducing population, resulting in more than acceptable class size levels. Lastly, this proposal will cause a ripple effect on City morale, real estate and local politics at election time.

This proposal must not stand. Thank you.

Jacqueline Marzan, Esq."

46.   Brian & Patty Tulloch at 08:52 PM on 11/17/2015
When we bought our house in Tequesta community in 2002 we were zoned for Cypress Bay High School which was a reason we moved to Weston. It was a great disappoint when Tequesta was the only community in Weston that was rezoned to Western High School !!We have 2 teenage sons that would be going to Cypress ,but instead are now going to a private school ! We feel it is very important for our community to get re zoned back to Cypress High School !!
47.   Jeff Dellenbach at 08:56 PM on 11/17/2015
We all pay Weston taxes, why can't we go to Weston school?? Also it does decrease the value of our HOMES
48.   William Camaraza at 09:06 PM on 11/17/2015
I totally agree with the proposal..I've never understood why the community of Tequesta which is the oldest community of Weston , with its very high taxes, was pulled out of the original zoning. Whomever is paying the higher taxes should have the right to the better schools. In addition I live in Weston paying very taxes as result My children should be able to go to a school in this town. Not in a town where I don't pay any taxes.
49.   France Gaudreau at 11:12 PM on 11/17/2015
I am completely against this proposal. We have owned our house and lived in Executive 1 for 16 years, have a 10th grader who is well integrated in Cypress Bay HS. What is the purpose of "swapping" students between high schools when it has absolutely no benefit to the school communities ? I can understand that Tequesta Pointe residents would also deserve to have their children go to CBHS since this community also belongs to the city of Weston and is one of the earliest (just like Country Isles), but two wrongs do not make one right. I agree with others who request stricter enforcement of residency verification when it comes to enrolling students to Cypress Bay. Thank you in advance for dropping this boundary proposal.
50.   Deborah Dijkhuizen at 07:17 AM on 11/18/2015
We have been living in Tequesta for the last 15 years and when we bought our house, expected our children to attend our community high school - Cypress Bay, which was soon to be built. How is it possible that as much taxes as we pay, we have to accept the decision of our children to go to a Davie community school? We are, in fact, one of the first communities built in Weston!! Also, our property value is not appreciated as much as the other communities in Weston because of this school boundary. The taxes that our community pays are extremely high for our children to be sent to Davie.
All of the Weston area communities should be allowed to attend Weston schools. Anyways, how many more "high school" aged students would actually be added to Cypress if Tequesta were to be included?
51.   Suzanne Hodes at 10:02 AM on 11/18/2015
Weston needs a second high school. All children of residents in Weston should attend a school in Weston. There are many students attending Cypress Bay who do not actually live in the zones or Weston attached to Cypress Bay. Both Western ( close to capacity) and Cypress Bay over capacity. Would love to see a new public or charter high school in Weston. Problem would be solved
52.   Shirley Swinick at 10:04 AM on 11/18/2015
I am surprised that the board would consider such a ridiculous proposal. Tequesta (Section A) is closer to Western High and should continue to go there. All this shake up so that one parent's student can go to Cypress Bay High.
53.   Mark Armbrust at 10:12 AM on 11/18/2015
John Casagrande knew when he bought his house that his children would attend Western High. He does not have the right to upset so many families just because he wants his child to attend Cypress Bay. If he wants it that much, then move into a neighborhood that is in Cypress Bay's boundaries.
54.   Marjorie Armbrust at 10:00 AM on 11/18/2015
It is ridiculous for one person from Section A to upset so many families just so his kid can go to Cypress Bay High. Shame on the school board for even considering this selfish proposal.
55.   John Armbrust at 10:08 AM on 11/18/2015
Mr. Casagrande should be ashamed for proposing such a upsetting boundary change just so that his student can attend Cypress Bay. I hope the board can see thru his selfish motive. No one person should be able to affect the lives of so many people.
56.   Henry Mead at 10:01 AM on 11/18/2015
In reference to proposal C6, I support the proposition. It would help equalize enrollment between Cypress Bay and Western. While it would be ideal to have all students from Weston's original boundaries attend Cypress Bay, which until five years ago was the case until the decision was made to remove one zone, it appears that Weston's population continues to exert pressure on the school system. This move will allow breathing space and is not, contrary to some posts, a division of the "rich part/poor part" of Weston. Anybody who worked 80--100 hours a week to build a business with their hands should take offense at these divisive remarks. It is one city and, it is worth repeating, the ideal solution would be to reinclude the portion of Weston that was taken out of the Cypress Bay district so that all of the original city would attend Cypress Bay. Barring that, this is the appropriate solution for the future.
57.   Deborah davis at 11:20 AM on 11/18/2015
I moved to Tequesta in Weston from Miami specifically for the school district. To have that be changed after I have lived her since 2006 was unfair and damaging to my children and my property. It is not right to take away someone's home value and choice and this must be amended.
58.   Lourdes O Hernandez at 06:32 PM on 11/18/2015
This proposal doesn't make any sense! One of the factors to take in consideration when defining a school boundary is the geographic proximity. Zone B is closer to Cypress Bay than Zone A. The overcrowding at CBHS campus won't be alleviated by swaping neighborhoods. We need another solution capable to satisfy the demand of Weston residents who pay high taxes and have the right to enroll their kids in the only High School in the city. Maybe the solution will be to remove all the portable buildings at Cypress Bay campus and build an addition with the capacity to acomodate all the kids that can prove they are Weston residents.
59.   Maday Perez at 08:10 PM on 11/18/2015
I feel this is going to have a negative impact to the community. More traffic pollution. Home depreciation. Also, will emotionally affect the kids tremendously. As far as I know western HS is a C- school compare to Cypress Bay HS Absolutely against it . Thank you
60.   Janice Essick at 08:55 PM on 11/18/2015
Thank you, Laura Lotito - comment #23. Agreed. This proposal should not be considered for approval.
61.   Connie Baruch at 09:27 PM on 11/18/2015
The neighborhood of Tequesta should be included in the Cypress Bay boundary. These high school kids should not be riding their bikes on the required busy streets in order to attend Western High School. The safest routes for them to take include the Weston streets, such as Bonaventure Boulevard. When considering the safety of these kids, Cypress Bay should be the only high school considered for this neighborhood.
62.   Frank Martinez at 12:18 AM on 11/19/2015
The proposal c6 should NOT be considered as it does not improve any situation for the district, it makes NO Sense to swap the existing boundaries, this does not solve anything !!, this would have a very negative effect on the students attending to Cypress HS to change schools, not to mention Country isles is closer to Cypress Bay HS, and also the Taxes I pay are for Weston , this is the entire reason we purchased out home here so our kids could attend Cypress Bay , please CountryIsles community lets reject and fight this proposal
63.   Rachany Brown at 08:03 AM on 11/19/2015

Community: "a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Having a feeling of fellowship as a result of common attitudes, interests, and goals." Country Isles is a community, a close one. Our children have gone to school together since Kindergarten. We bought our home over 10 years ago in Country Isles, no where else, because we had every intention of having our children attend Country Isles Elementary, Tequesta Trace Middle, and finally, Cypress Bay High School. To allow the Tequesta neighborhood to switch with us, would by breaking up our community. Our children will no longer feel that sense of fellowship. One home will be referring to one school while another home refers to the other school. Growing up in a tight-knit community such as Country Isles was/is our goal for our family and friends. Please keep us together! We are as one, AND we are geographically closer to Cypress Bay High School than the other neighborhood. These are two very logical and significant reasons to keep the boundaries as they are! Why tamper with something that already works AND is not broken? Please do not pass this proposal.

Sincerely yours,
Rachany Brown

64.   Ricardo Gomez at 08:53 AM on 11/19/2015
It would be worthwhile if Broward County can be an innovator by setting an example for the entire country by investing in the development of a centralized web site to register your children to a school. In addition increase validation and requirements by verifying the submitted data against Broward County public records that already exists, for example Real Estate and DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) data. Place rigorous checks along with certain documents required depending on renting or owning status. The opportunity and data is there, all it takes is someone on the board to agree and run with it. With this system the entire Broward school system can decompress and avoid from parents “jumping the fence” to attend schools of their choice.
65.   Ben Donnelly at 09:33 AM on 11/19/2015
There are a lot of assumptions and inaccuracies posted on this board.
Firstly, as things stand, Cypress will be over 100% capacity next year. This proposal will prevent Cypress going over capacity and actually bring both Western and Cypress to similar percentage of gross capacity.
Secondly, Tequesta WAS previously zoned for Cypress and was rezoned to Western in 2009.
Also, the schools are not City schools, they are County schools. City taxes do not apply to schooling.
The arguments about bus routes and CO2 do not stand up.
Aside from building a new school or expanding Cypress, the best solution would be proper verification of enrolling student addresses since it is an acknowledged fact that a significant student population attend Cypress from outside the boundary.
Also, the schools are not City schools, they are County schools. City taxes do not apply to schooling.
The arguments about bus routes and CO2 do not stand up.
Aside from building a new school or expanding Cypress, the best solution would be proper verification of enrolling student addresses since it is an acknowledged fact that a significant student population attend Cypress from outside the boundary.
66.   Lori Caraus at 10:07 AM on 11/19/2015
I agree that Zone A (Tequesta) should be rezoned to attend Cypress Bay. Our children attend both Weston elementary and middle schools, why not high school? We live in the 33326 zip code and pay MORE than our fair share in taxes. Our Weston children should attend Weston schools!!
67.   PATRICIA CARVALLO at 10:36 AM on 11/19/2015
I 100% Oppose to this proposal, This would have VERY NEGATIVE impact on our Country Isles community, 1st on the Students, 2nd property value, the swapping proposal makes NO sense what so ever, is not solving any problems only creating more, as Weston Taxpayer we all have the right for our children's to attend a Weston Schools , not Davie, we PURCHASED our home and have lived in Village Homes-Country Isles since 2002 so ALL our children could attended to Cypress Bay HS, Country isles has always attended Cypress Bay Moving the Cypress boundary doesn't seem right just because one individual PERSONAL proposal,This type of boundary changes will not aid the school's overpopulation. Perhaps, the School Board should start requiring Verification of Residence on a yearly basis, to eliminate students that do not actually live in the Cypress Bay boundary. Why take our right of attending CBHS to give it to others? the right decision would be better verification so Tequesta residents could also attend CBHS. Lets work together not against each others.
68.   Deborah Santiago at 11:59 AM on 11/19/2015
I cant believe as factual the proposal statement where the boundary change has no student impact to Cypress HS. Can someone quantify? Moreover importantly, the issue is that both communities are entitled to have their children go to Cypress HS; hence, the school needs to meet these students requirements. Conversely, we need to improve Western HS negative scholastic image (real or not) so that it becomes a desirable choice for parents. A win-win solution; not a boundary change that only benefits Tequesta to the detriment of Country Isles.
69.   Jean Paul Rivas at 12:20 PM on 11/19/2015
As a member of the Weston community, I do not agree with this proposal and believe it will be detrimental in many ways to our community and more importantly, students who will be relocated. This does not solve distance and commuting problems but just relocates them to other families and communities. This proposal should not be approved.
70.   Kristin Landers at 01:25 PM on 11/19/2015
Would love for this change to happen. We live in tequesta and will have 4 kids going to school here.
71.   Geovanny Proano at 05:03 PM on 11/19/2015
This proposal would be great for our community. Tequesta kids have been segregated from the rest of the Weston kids when attending high school and this only came to be as part of a boundary change that took place a few years ago. No one has worked to make this right and it is about time.
72.   Geraldine Koskinas at 05:17 PM on 11/19/2015

I would like to request that the kids who live in the Tequesta development (Three Village Road and Indian Trace) be allowed to rejoin their peers and be rezoned back to Cypress Bay.

These kids (a total of 17) are part of the community and it is extremely unfair that they are the only kids in the surrounding area of Weston, Bonaventure and Davie to be separated from their peers TWICE!

Country Isles Elementary kids are separated into two different middle schools and kids who attend Tequesta Middle together are split between 2 high schools. The Country Isles kids go together as a unit except for the 17 who live in Tequesta subdivision. This is approximately 4 kids per year! What the school board does to these kids is cruel and no thought has been put into the emotional and mental aguish it causes. I am sure to put these kids back with their unit would barely cause a ripple in the enrollment at Cypress Bay (0.01%).

Instead of ripping these kids away, why is the issue of overcrowding at CB not being addressed?

The amount of families who use fake addresses in order to attend Cypress Bay is a huge elephant in the room that is being over looked for the sake of political correctness and not being acknowledge.
It is extremely easy to claim your child lives with another family member who resides in the Cypress Bay zone, or to change your address on your drivers license claiming you live with a friend and put your name on a utility bill. When was the last time anyone paid the consequence?
Two weeks ago I was propositioned by an acquaintance who wanted to use my address thinking I was zoned for Cypress Bay. My kid has an average circle of friends and knows four students attending Cypress Bay using the above methods.

Maybe if real steps are made and a proper effort to weed out the fake enrollment at Cypress Bay then we would not be in the predicament we are in now, pitting neighbor against neighbor. If nothing is done the situation will only get worse and kids who have a legitimate standing will be be pushed out. Hence I ask that you allow the kids from the Tequesta neighbor hood rejoin instead of pulling them away from their peers and do something constructive to stop the fake enrollment.

73.   Michel Brouillet at 07:13 PM on 11/19/2015
I can understand the desire of many Weston longtime residents to have their kids going to Cypress Bay. But as a 16 years Country Ilse resident, with a 10th grade child attending CB, I completely disagree with this proposal. There seems to be no rational in this proposal. It shift frustration from one area to another and it would be disruptive to both students' populations currently attending either schools.
74.   Jessica Parra at 09:01 PM on 11/19/2015
Not agree with the proposal! Very negative impact for our students and our properties .
As part of Weston and paying big taxes give the right to our kids in Country Isles to go to Cypres Bay High School, not another one.



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