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2016-17 Boundary Proposal No. C4,
Analysis and Community Input

Proposal No. C4 was revised on November 6, 2015,
to view revisions and comment on the proposal please see Proposal C4 Revised.


Disclaimer: The following school boundary proposals have been submitted by community members for the 2016-2017 school year. These proposals were not created by District staff and they solely reflect the ideas and opinions of the community members who proposed them. Although these community members have worked with District staff to gather data and ensure that the posted proposals meet the mandated criteria of Class Size and School Concurrency Level of Service, these proposals may or may not meet additional considerations for establishing school boundaries, align with School Board Policy 5000, or be in the best interest of the communities, students and schools impacted. All proposals, inclusive of community comments, will be presented to and discussed by the School Board for consideration.
Proposal Number C4
Date Submitted September 30, 2015
Submitted By Hollywood Hills Civic Association
Schools Involved Hollywood Hills Elementary, Sheridan Hills Elementary, Sheridan Park Elementary, Mary M. Bethune Elementary, Attucks Middle, Olsen Middle
IZones Involved Hollywood Hills, South Broward
Description Combines the attendance areas of Hollywood Hills Elementary and Sheridan Hills Elementary as a kindergarten through eighth grade school on two campuses, with grades kindergarten through two assigned to Sheridan Hills campus and grades three through five assigned to the Hollywood Hills campus. Grades six through eight remain assigned to Attucks Middle or Olsen Middle, but may apply to attend sixth through eighth grade at the Hollywood Hills campus, space permitting. Also moves a portion of the Sheridan Hills Elementary boundary to Sheridan Park Elementary and a portion of the Hollywood Hills Elementary boundary to Mary M. Bethune Elementary.



Considerations Reviewed

Class Size Impact No impact.
Level of Service Impact No impact.
Enrollment Impact Could further under-enroll Attucks Middle and Olsen Middle.
Diversity Impact No impact.
Feeder Pattern Impact No impact.
School Proximity Impact Allows sixth through eight grade students attending the K-8 to be able to walk to school.
Neighborhood Integrity Impact Improves neighborhood integrity by allowing middle school students to remain in the neighborhood.
Natural Barrier Impact No impact.



1.   Dion Nader at 08:54 AM on 10/8/2015

This proposal is excellent and long overdue. Hollywood Hills students have needed an option and I am finally happy something may finally come to fruition for the safety of our children. There is absolutely no need for our children to be bused to another city for middle school; 11 year olds waiting on street corners at 6AM is ridiculous to say the least when they could easily walk or ride their bike in our own neighborhood.

If this proposal is not approved, Hollywood Hills residents with middle school aged children will continue to choose charter schools bc of location only, private schools, put in reassignment for western schools or move out of Hollywood Hills completely. We are a beautiful city and not to have an option for middle school is absurd. It is important our kids stay within the proximity of our own homes and neighborhood.

There is solid proof that Middle School is a very important part of a child's life that offers both kids and parents some of their biggest challenges, so the environment does make a complete difference. Having it close to home with the neighborhood friends whom parents and children have known since kindergarten can be a vital part to a child's success. Many Hollywood Hills parents have brought their children up together with their neighbors kids, consider them family and share the same values so its important the kids stay together.

Thank you to all the members of the Hollywood Civics Association for their hard word put forth in this proposal. As stated, it is long overdue and the Hollywood Hills residents should be extremely indebted to you for devoting your own personal time to getting this in front of the school board. Please pass it for the sake of our kids! Thank you.

2.   Tracee Evans at 08:22 AM on 10/9/2015

I strongly object to this proposal for the following reasons:
* We bought our home specifically because the "A" rated K-5 school was walkable. My children currently walk with a parent daily, weather permitting. We had choices in other neighborhoods, but chose this neighborhood because the other Hollywood options were not A rated.
* Many of us have more than one child enrolled in elementary grades, and this would create CHAOS for working parents who will have to deliver two (or more) children to two separate schools, pick up from two locations, and pay two different after-care programs.
*This proposal was originally intended to provide a middle school for ALL Hollywood Hills residents...instead, there will only be a maximum of 88 students per grade level, selected by lottery--really??? This COMPLETELY defeats the original intention of this proposal.
*While I can appreciate the value of an early childhood center, the K-2 teachers at Hollywood Hills Elementary are doing a fantastic job, which is a reason the school is consistently A-rated. An early childhood center should be considered as a separate option, without disrupting the benefits of a true K-8 campus.
*If there is concern for increased under-enrollment at Attucks and Olsen middle schools, this proposal will ensure flight from those schools to this new "concept school."

As additional concerns arise, I will continue to address them through comments in this forum.

3.   William Davis at 05:58 PM on 10/14/2015
How can you indicate no impact on level of service? This plan does not support early learning quality at all. Younger children are being relocated to a much lower rated school from Hollywood Elementary to Sheridan Hills. We relocated and purchased a home based on the rating of Hollywood Hills Elementary for our 5 year old. Factually it was a key marketing point from our broker at the time. We are completely against this move in the name of quality education for younger children in our community. I believe many parents will band together in unity for quality education.
4.   elaine flores at 07:47 PM on 10/16/2015
My concern is that I have two kids one in 1st grade and the other one in 3rd, after care bus only pick up at Hollywood hill but no on Sheridan hill, I'm a single mother with no family. .. that means I'm going drop off my kids to two different schools and figure out how to pick up the one attending Sheridan hill... don't make sense...
5.   Joshua Alfonso at 09:10 PM on 10/18/2015

No Go! This plan is way to complicated. As stated by another resident this will create extra commute issues for parents with multiple kids in elementary school.

Why not build facilities for 6-8th grade on the Hollywood Hills campus and leave the K-5 as currently structured?

6.   Humberto Leon at 05:14 PM on 10/19/2015
The numbers reflect a clear demand for a valued K-8 option. The proposal is a great first step and should be heavily considered. I personally know 5 affluent families that have moved out of the Hollywood Hills area because of the Middle School situation. I thoroughly support the proposal.
7.   Avital Kaneti at 07:54 PM on 10/19/2015
I do not like this plan to move K-2 to Sheridan hills. I do not like the Sheridan Hills campus, it is not as nice as the Hollywood hills campus. I moved from Hallandale to Hollywood hills so that my children can attend Hollywood Hills elementary at the campus they are located now. I think that Hollywood hills should expand and go up to middle school by building a new building. I think that Hollywood Hills Elementary has gone through so many changes already with the principal leaving and all of the Adminstration changing. It would be unfair to the students, teachers, and parents of the younger children to put them through anymore changes. The only people who benefit from this are parents whose kids are going into middle school. I think if you want to expand Hollywood hills to a middle school find a way to do with out splitting the campuses and putting the children through so many unnecessary changes.
8.   Tania Torres at 09:10 PM on 10/20/2015
I am strongly against this proposal. I chose my house because I wanted my children to attend Hollywood Hills. I have a child in K and one in 2nd. You are only going to increase traffic by having me drive to 2 schools. Only for a chance but no guarantee that there will be space for my kids for 6-8 in Hollywood Hills. Why not make Sheridan Hills 6-8? Also, older kids adapt better than younger ones. My 5 yr old gets asthma attacks with changes such as these. He's just now adapted to his new school and is happy there. The community wanted Hollywood hills elementary to be K-8 not 3-8. Plus Hollywood hills will never be a true middle school. There will be no band, no chearleading, and no football team. The students will be missing out. Why would I want my 5 yr old to change schools when he's currently at a school that has a long standing history of being an A school? Please reconsider this proposal. It's going to cause a hardship to many parents and children. It's especially difficult when siblings are already in the same school to split them up.
9.   Maylin Ruiz at 11:38 PM on 10/27/2015
I strongly object to this proposal. This plan will not fully benefit the children. There are no after school programs for the middle school kids. As parents we are loosing beneficial programs like theater, music, sports, art, etc these are all important for a child's development. Furthermore, this proposed plan is just to accommodate the Hollywood Community for the convenience of a walking distance, or close commute to the school, rather than focusing really into the quality of education the child is going to receive. In addition, no one is taking into consideration the fact that the teachers DON'T want to leave their place of work. You have unhappy teachers, you have a lack of interest to teach and therefore, careless teachers who would rather leave for a better closer to home school, or overall, quit, since there are many teachers who have been working in the same school for more than 30 years!!!
Also, how can you think is ok, to move a recent Kindergarten in Hollywood Hills Elementary, who has been looking forward to be in the same school as her sister, who gets very excited to see her through the hall ways, who's teachers know them personally, to leave HER school, go into another big transition emotionally and mentally. Learn a whole new operation system, see a whole new different staff, just to come home crying of frustration because she wants to be back with her sister. You people really need to advocate for every child, not advocate for the parent that has deep pockets and doesn't want to drive a little further! Seriously, It is all about the kids, they are the future of this Country, not the parents!
10.   Irene Duran at 11:51 AM on 10/28/2015
I am completely against this proposal. I purchased my house so that my children could attend Hollywood Hills Elementary. My older children would not even be guaranteed a spot at the middle school even though we are in the zone. This is not a good solution to the Middle School problem. A better solution would be to keep children in the Hollywood Hills boundary only at the school and not take reassignments, then make the school K-8.
11.   Alan Segal at 06:45 PM on 10/31/2015
This is a terrible plan unless you happen to live near 35th and Taft, are well off and you want to keep your kids near your home. The rest of us are out of luck. It does not solve the problem of poorly rated middle schools in Hollywood and worse High Schools. These are the reasons for flight out of Hollywood. All you have to do is look at the ratings on Broward County Schools has passed along their responsibilities to a neighborhood civic association that is self serving at best. 88 students for a new middle school is a joke. Middle schools with poor ratings, a high school with a worse rating awaits our kidlings. Why not theirs too. It's no wonder families are fleeing Hollywood for the west, except of course for the rich and famous. Well let me tell you, 90% of us are not rich and famous. I strongly agree with responses #2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. Read the reviews. I strongly disagree with response #1. He makes my point. I also understand there would be a priority list. What is it and why.?Is it only for doctors and lawyers and politicians? Oh yea there's a lottery. For the 88 that can walk to middle school of course or walked there for K-5. The rest of us peons must drive. Poor us. Sheridan Hills Elem has been an excellent school for 2 of my children who started there in kindergarten and I drive them every day. They are now in 2nd and 3rd. With this new plan I would have 1 kid in Hollywood Hills Elem, 1 kid in Attucks and our 3 year old in Sterling district school because we live on the wrong side Sheridan. he couldn't go to Sheridan Hills Elem. I think all our kids deserve better. There is nothing wrong with 5 years at Sheridan Hills or Hollywood Hills Elem, then 3 years at Attucks or Olsen and then 4 years at Hollywood Hills HS unless of course you live near to Hollywood Hills Elem and you are in the elite 88. Has anyone notified the Sun Sentinel of this or the Hollywood Gazette? I haven't seen it. It's all hush hush unless you dig into it. All of you who are against it should come to Hollywood Hills HS at 6:30 for an update meeting on Nov 20th to voice your objections. I hope they print this letter.
12.   Martha Cohen at 08:37 AM on 11/1/2015
Considerations only include Class size, level of service, enrollment impact, diversity impact, feeder pattern impact, school proximity impact, neighborhood integrity impact, and natural barrier impact. What about the impact on the little ones? A second grader moved to a different environment? It is already a huge impact in the lives of our children to jump from 5th grade to 6th grade. Now, you want to make them move from 2nd to 3rd grade? It is the worst idea I heard. Our Broward School leaders need real help from real people with real ideas. If this idea goes through, the impact will be in our children lives. All schools in all neighborhoods should offer the same good education and programs. If the Hollywood Hills Community is worry about neighborhood integrity, they should work hard to make all schools K-12. Less students in each school but with a superb education.



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