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2016-17 Boundary Proposal No. C3,
Analysis and Community Input

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Disclaimer: The following school boundary proposals have been submitted by community members for the 2016-2017 school year. These proposals were not created by District staff and they solely reflect the ideas and opinions of the community members who proposed them. Although these community members have worked with District staff to gather data and ensure that the posted proposals meet the mandated criteria of Class Size and School Concurrency Level of Service, these proposals may or may not meet additional considerations for establishing school boundaries, align with School Board Policy 5000, or be in the best interest of the communities, students and schools impacted. All proposals, inclusive of community comments, will be presented to and discussed by the School Board for consideration.
Proposal Number C3
Date Submitted September 28, 2015
Submitted By Devon Roberts
Schools Involved Millennium Middle, Silver Lakes Middle
IZones Involved Coconut Creek, Taravella
Description Moves a portion of the current Millennium Middle boundary into Silver Lakes to decrease distance for students to travel to school, enhance community integrity, and align the Pinewood Elementary feeder pattern to be 100% to Silver Lakes Middle.



Projected Enrollment Data

Considerations Reviewed

Class Size Impact This proposal is not anticipated to have an impact on Class Size.
Level of Service Impact This proposal is not anticipated to have an impact on Level of Service.
Enrollment Impact This proposal would potentially increase enrollment at Silver Lakes Middle from 64.5% to 71.9% permanent FISH. However it could decrease enrollment at Millennium Middle from 92.2% to 87.4 % permanent FISH. If adopted in conjunction with Proposal C2, enrollment at Silver lakes could be increased to 81.7% permanent FISH.
Diversity Impact No impact.
Feeder Pattern Impact Creates 100% feeder pattern from Pinewood Elementary to Silver Lakes Middle; currently split 24.5% to Millennium Middle and 75.5% to Silver Lakes Middle.
School Proximity Impact Would decrease travel distance for students currently being transported by bus to Millennium Middle; all students in the area would be able to walk to Silver Lakes Middle.
Neighborhood Integrity Impact No impact.
Natural Barrier Impact No impact.



1.   Rodney Rawls at 06:38 AM on 10/22/2015
I strongly oppose this proposal which would feed 100% of Pinewood Elementary students into Silver Lakes Middle. Does anyone bother to ask why Silver Lakes is enrolled at below 2/3 capacity? It's because Silver Lakes is a low performing school. Parents would rather send their children to charter schools, choice schools, or private schools rather than Silver Lakes. Pinewood is a low performing school as well. So your plan is to send 100% of students from a low performing elementary school to a low performing middle school? Is there a plan to improve the schools? If not, then that's 9 years lost! Do you think decreased travel and being able to walk to school is a sufficient justification for trapping children in low performing schools? I don't. How is this improving our kids education? It's not. Millennium isn't even overcrowded, so I question the true purpose of this proposal. Please don't make this change.
2.   Roni Desorda at 12:02 PM on 10/29/2015
I agree that the boundries should be changed that parts of Lauderdale Lakes Middle , Millennium Middle and Pinewood Elementary should go to Silver Lakes Middle. I have worked at Silver Lakes Middle for 27 years. We help our students and parents needs. We are not a low performing school. People have the wrong concept of Silver Lakes Middle. We invite the parents to come visit us to see what we offer. People who don't know us always have something bad to say. I feel That if parents are involved with their children it makes a big difference. We go out of our way for our students to get them to where they need to be. People judge and have no idea what they are talking about. If you want to know about Silver Lakes first hand stop by and check us out and walk through our classrooms to see the amazing things our students are doing. This change would be a positive move for our students.
3.   Rodney Rawls at 08:30 PM on 11/2/2015

First, I apologize if my post came off as an attack on administration, teachers, students, or parents. I have no doubt that everyone is working hard to make Silver Lakes a great school. Instead of debating whether Silver Lakes is low performing or not, I'd like to compare Silver Lakes and Millennium using the School Accountability Report for the 2013-2014 school year. Because school grades don't always give a full picture, I've listed data for reading, math, writing and science below, but the full report can be found at the Florida Department of Education Website. This way, people can review the numbers and decide for themselves.

Reading % Satisfactory or Higher
Millennium - 59%
Silver Lakes - 36%

Math % Satisfactory or Higher
Millennium - 57%
Silver Lakes - 36%

Writing % Satisfactory or Higher
Millennium - 74%
Silver Lakes - 50%

Science % Satisfactory or Higher
Millennium - 44%
Silver Lakes - 27%

4.   D'Andrea Brown at 01:10 PM on 11/3/2015
Silver Lakes is an amazing school. We offer services to the holistic child. Top notch education (STEM Magnet Program) and extra curriculum activities (dance, cheer, color guard, Super Hero drawing club, chess club, EVERY SPORT).



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