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2014-15 Boundary Proposal No. C12,
Analysis and Community Input


Community Proposal 12 removed from consideration by proposer Abby M. Freedman 10/22/2013.
Proposal Number C12
Date Submitted October 4, 2013
Submitted By Abby M. Freedman
Schools Involved Stoneman Douglas HS, Coral Springs HS, Blanche Ely HS
IZones Involved Stoneman Douglas, Coral Springs, Blanche Ely, Deerfield Beach
Description Moves a portion of the "Wedge" area currently assigned to Stoneman Douglas High to Coral Springs High, and another portion of the "Wedge" area currently assigned to Stoneman Douglas High to Blanche Ely High.



Considerations Reviewed

Class Size Impact

This proposal would enable Stoneman Douglas High to meet Class Size Reduction (CSR) as the "Wedge" area is developed, pending adequate teacher funding.

Level of Service Impact This proposal would enable Stoneman Douglas High to be LOS compliant in the LOS year 2017-18.
Enrollment Impact This proposal would prevent over-crowding at Stoneman Douglas High as the "Wedge" area is developed.
Diversity Impact No impact.
Feeder Pattern Impact In conjunction with proposal C11 would create a split feeder pattern from Deerfield Beach Middle to Blanche Ely High.
School Proximity Impact Travel distance would be increased for students assigned to Coral Springs High ( + ~6 mi.), and considerably increased for students assigned to Blanche Ely High ( +~ 12 mi.).
Neighborhood Integrity Impact No impact.
Natural Barrier Impact No impact.


Community Input:

1.   Ilise Rodriguez at 06:58 PM on 10/8/2013
I am completely against this proposal. I live in Coral Springs and just purchased a home in Watercrest (the Wedge portion of Parkland). We are moving from Coral Springs to Parkland for the amazing schools that Parkland offers. I am not moving to Parkland to have my child bussed out of the city we live in and pay taxes in. If you allow new communities to be built in Parkland you cannot treat them like they don't belong and kick their kids out of the Parkland Schools.
2.   Nathaniel Klitsberg at 08:46 PM on 10/8/2013

I am a parent of 3 children moving into Parkland into the "Wedge", in large part based on the quality of the local schools within a 3-5 mile radius of my home.

The idea of having my children bused more multiple cities away from our home when there are local schools within the SAME CITY is ridiculous. Moreover, I have great concern about the submission of this last minute plan by our school board member. This plan will impact hundreds of families who have no idea this is even occurring in large part because they are just now going under contract to purchase their homes with the understanding and belief that their children will be attending schools in the same city.

I will be contacting our developer and the developer of the other community in the Wedge so that they are aware of this plan and can weigh in on the impact that this proposal will have on the communities just being formed.

I for one would have had significant concerns about moving to a neighborhood where my children could be attending schools blocks or a few miles away versus being sent more than several cities away for school.

3.   Alanna Corrigan at 10:35 PM on 10/8/2013
I am currently building a home in Watercrest (section A) and the main reason we chose to build there was to send our children to Parkland schools. I think this is an awful plan. Our children shouldn't have to go to a school in another city, an extra 6 miles away. Why don't you rezone Coral Springs to attend CSHS instead of the northern part of Parkland? This plan makes absolutely no sense.
4.   Rachel Frydman at 07:38 AM on 10/9/2013

I have reviewed the proposal above and feel that this will negatively impact the area of Parkland and my family individually. I currently live in Coral Springs and moved here 10 years ago for the school system and a few years in was told my son would be rezoned for middle school from West Glades. He is now a 7th grader at Coral Springs Middle and was looking forward to going to highschool with his friends at Stoneman Douglas when we move to Parkland in the next 3-4 months. We are building in Mira Lago. So now with this proposal he will have to be bused to Ely highschool which is not a great school, and not with his friends that he has had since kindergarden. The impact will be devastating on him.

From what I have been told over the past 10 years, the city of Parkland has areas zoned for new schools to alleviate overcrowding. From what I understand this project has not proceeded. Wouldn't it be wiser to look into expanding our Parkland school system as originally discussed and planned instead of taking our children out of the City we will be paying very high property taxes for and busing them more than 12 miles to a not so great school.

In the end, if this proposal is passed, I will be seeking a reassignment or paying for private school because there is no way my son will be going to school at Ely.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss.

Rachel E. Frydman, Esq.

5.   Victor Jaffe at 09:07 AM on 10/9/2013
This would be a horrible proposal and I'm not sure why this would be even made. People are moving to the "Wedge" for the "A" school districts of Parkland and to rezone would just not be fair. New schools were supposed to be built in the "Wedge" under Parkland school districts and if this is not to be done, kids living in the "Wedge" should be able to attend Parkland schools until such new schools are built.
6.   Kerry Frydman at 09:45 AM on 10/9/2013
My wife and I bought a house in the Wedge in Parkland for the purpose of sending my son to a Parkland School. When we moved to Coral Springs 12 years ago my son was supposed to go to Westglades but after a year the boundaries were rezoned and he was sent to Coral Springs Middle. Now I am buying in Parkland and you want my son to go to high school in a non Parkland area. This makes absolutely no sense. People are buying in these new areas so their children can go to Parkland schools. Please redistrict the areas that are closer to the other schools.. That makes geographic sense. When I first moved to a Florida in 1973 I was sent to Attucks middle school rather than Olsen. We were being bussed into the Attucks neighborhood. It was not a good school and i was very uncomfortable as a child in is environment. Based upon the demographics at Ely high school You are proposing to bus my son to Ely high school where the demographics are the total opposite of Stoneman Douglas and a less rated school. This means my son who has goals of becoming a doctor may be hindered due to this fact. I would hate to have to pull him out of public school and pay for private school. We will fight this proposal.
7.   robin lopatin at 01:14 PM on 10/9/2013
This proposal divides the city of parkland. This is unacceptable whether she likes it or not, the wedge is PARKLAND. . Abby Friedman will single handedly destroy Parkland's reputation. She is not looking out for everyone! She is only concerned with her re election! How can she expect our children to be bussed as far as Ely High School? You can't take current parkland children, who attend parkland schools and shove them off like this. How would she feel if this was her family being torn like this? I hope nobody sees this as a viable option. The wedge has NO homes yet and won't be fully developed for many years! The impact from the wedge (since WCI can't even built now) is not going to impact the schools as much as you think. Westglades and Douglas can handle the capacity for a long time. If the elementary school is the problem, put portables. These kids would all need to be bussed past several elementary schools along the way. The poor kids will be picked up before dawn. These are young kids who will not be able to function without a good night's sleep! We would rather stay in a portable than be bussed off. I realize there are 25,000 empty seats across the county, but we didn't chose to live in proximity to those for a reason!!!
8.   Sharon Baron at 01:56 PM on 10/9/2013
I don't understand this proposal. I've never seen a proposal before where the SB would jump over areas to send children to other schools. This is just unreasonable. Jill, are you proposing this?

Editor's note: This is a community drawn boundary proposal. District staff proposals are titled 'staff proposal'. All boundary proposals list who submitted the proposal on the map and Web page.

9.   Stephanie Kaufman at 01:59 PM on 10/9/2013
This is a terrible plan. How can you send kids on a bus to a school that is so far away. How can you expect to have elementary school children up so early to make a bus. These children will not be able to function. I currently live in Heron Bay, my children go to Heron Height and Westglades. I moved to Parkland for the school district. I am moving to another home inside of Parkland to stay with my School zone. I made sure before I purchased the house that I was in my school zone. How can you consider taking my children out of their schools and put them in the proposed schools. This plan would ruin the city. Both social and economically. There has to be a better solution. Abby has one thing in mind with these proposed plans. Her re elections. She is going to go with the platform that she keep Parkland in tact and moved out the newcomers. Well guess what the newcomers are going to be paying taxes to the city. The newcomers are going to be supporting the community. Supporting the churches and the temples in the areas. If you separate out the wedge you are dividing a city. People won't come to Parkland to live. She is single handedly ruin a city. Please do not allow this to pass. Move out the children who have been reassigned to the Parkland schools to make run for the Parkland children. Move out the Coral Springs children into Coral Springs schools. Heron Height, Park Trails, and Riverglades were built to educate Parkland children. That is why we pay the big bucks to live here. Why should we live in Parkland if you are going to bus my children to schools that aren't in my city. This proposal cannot be passed. Think of the children that it will affect. Abby Friedman isn't.
10.   Elena Avello at 04:43 PM on 10/9/2013
As a current resident of Parkland and a future resident of Watercrest on the Wedge, I do not support this proposal. It seems that this is segregating the Wedge from the rest of the city.
11.   Gina Stephens at 05:42 PM on 10/9/2013

What about the area south of the Sawgrass? They are in close proximity to Coral Glades and Taravella. why would we send students to schools that are so far from where they live? That is not what the public schools should offer as a solution.

What about the new elementary and middle school proposed for the wedge? I believe the developers and the county should have to fund for the new schools or not let the development occur. There should be a moratorium on building new construction until local schools can be built to support the new homeowners. There is a new community set to be built on the vacant land left in Parkland Reserve. Where are these children supposed to go to school? I believe school impact fees should not go to a general fund when the area paying them will not get the benefit.

12.   Lylliena Rodriguez at 08:24 PM on 10/9/2013
This is the crazies thing I have ever seen. Put the kids from Coral Springs in Coral Springs schools and leave the Parkland kids in Parkland. Blanch Ely!!! Is this person trying to get a bargain in Parkland?
13.   Richard Wu at 10:03 PM on 10/9/2013

I would like to express my concerns regarding proposals C7, C8, C9, C10 and C12 submitted by Broward County School Board member, Abby Freedman, and the impact her proposals will have on the City of Parkland.

For starters, her apparent disregard for the Parkland “wedge” neighborhoods will be a huge issue for ALL residents residing in Parkland. The two neighborhoods alone, Watercrest and Miralago, will bring thousands of affluent residents to the City of Parkland. As a concerned resident, I believe we ALL have one common goal and that is to provide our children with the best education possible. This is perhaps what attracts so many people to the City of Parkland and no doubt the reason for the premium in the City’s real estate. Having said that, any serious rezoning proposal should address the issues of 1) how do we ensure that our schools continue to be maintain their “A” rated reputation and 2) How do we ensure compliance with various state mandates (i.e. class size, level of service, etc.). Randomly rezoning a portion of the city (i.e. the “wedge”) when the residents are not there to defend their position is not the right solution (i.e. proposal C12).

If adopted, Ms. Freedman’s proposal to segregate the “wedge” neighborhoods will indeed have a tremendous and detrimental impact to the City of Parkland. When people hear “Parkland”, they automatically associate the City with great neighborhoods and EXCELLENT schools. If Ms. Freedman is successful with her “bifurcation” proposal, the City will no longer be synonymous for “great schools” and will over time lose its “great neighborhood” appeal. In today’s world where a good public education is harder and harder to come by, I feel that Ms. Freedman’s proposal will no doubt destroy the City’s reputation overnight. This in my opinion is unacceptable.

As many have already suggested, PROPOSAL S3 is by far the fairest option to address the issue at hand which is the anticipated capacity issue at Heron Heights while minimizing the impact on kids currently enrolled in Heron Heights and Park Trail. PROPOSAL S3 helps to keep ALL Parkland residents in A-rated elementary schools.

I encourage everyone to drop a quick email to our Mayor (email below) to bring this issue to his attention and to help spread the word so that the residents of Parkland can continue to enjoy GREAT SCHOOLS and GREAT NEIGHBORHOODS.

Parkland Mayor: Michael Udine

14.   Ellis Mass at 01:24 PM on 10/10/2013
It is completely nonsensical to force kids in Parkland to be driven all the way to Deerfield Beach. Makes no sense at all. Not only does it destroy any sense of community, but it also potentially adds more than an hour to the kids' daily commute. Students have enough challenges these days without taking away an hour that COULD be spent doing homework or participating in enriching activities.
15.   Amy Shield at 03:31 PM on 10/10/2013
PLEASE DO NOT PASS THIS PROPOSAL. We are currently under contract to build a house in the Wedge and are residents of Parkland. Under several other proposals, my children will be at schools that are within 2 miles of our new house. Under this proposal, they will be over 10 miles away. I can not imagine having to put a five year old on a bus for a 30-45 minute bus ride to an area of the county that I am completely unfamiliar with and have no information about when there are schools within walking distance of my future house that has capacity for them. Please help me understand why you would do this?
16.   Craig Levine at 08:14 PM on 10/10/2013
I am a Heron Bay Resident and I am disgusted with the idea of busing any kids out of Parkland EVER! There are plenty of residents in all of Parkland that I am sure agree with me. So many of us move to Parkland for the schools and the quality of life we achieve here. We are not devised & we will never allow any student to be bused out of Parkland. Our schools are not even overcrowded as a city.... When Douglas was built it was primarily Coral Springs Students attending. The boundaries have been changed many many times. We can win this and all be happy because we as a City are all joining forces to loudly oppose any boundary change that buses children from a Parkland home out to any school outside of Parkland. The impact on a child sitting on a bus for nearly two hours a day is horrific. I know I would not allow my kindergartner on a bus with fifth graders for that amount of time! That would undoubtedly have a negative impact. I work form home as many of us do in the North West area of Broward and I like to volunteer at my child's school often and attend every event they have. By adding a two hour round trip commute would be very negative in countless ways. I urge the board to only go forth with a plan that keeps all of Parkland's residents in our local Parkland schools. That is after all why many of us choose to live in Parkland. It is worth a mention that the Parkland schools have been rated number 1 nationally for schools in areas where homes can be had for 400k to 600k and number 6 when price was not a factor by Forbes magazine along with others sources. That is certainly a draw for families to choose Parkland. Parkland is a quiet bedroom community. We have special funds for our schools. We pay for officers to be at all of our schools with Parkland funds not Broward funds. Parkland has special fundraising that they have been doing for years that enhance our schools but the biggest advantage may just be how involved the parents are by having very strong volunteer hours and community involvement. How else does our schools become highly rated when we are still Broward Schools? Please don't even consider ever breaking up our community by busing children out of our town. Instead let's figure out how we can have additional schools built on the land that has been generously donated to the school board before we ever have any overcrowding. Parkland has prepared for the additional impact the build out of our city will have and we are prepared! We just beg our elected school board to understand how passionate we are about our children & their best interests in relation to their public education! We don't want any busing out of our town EVER!
17.   Jason Rivera at 04:15 PM on 10/14/2013

My wife and I recently purchased a home within the “wedge” area of Parkland. Having done so, we moved further away from our friends, family and workplace. The primary reason for our decision to move to Parkland was for excellent rated school system. We have a 9 month old baby boy and wanted to provide him with the best opportunity (we could afford) for his future. Parkland’s real estate has always been priced at premium with respect for the right to do so. When purchasing a home within Parkland you understand that your family will feel safe, your children will be educated and the neighborhoods will maintain a better quality of life. Those benefits go hand and hand with paying premium for homes that some of us are lucky enough to afford. My wife and I did not purchase our home as an easy investment; rather a decision was made for our children and their future.

Sending children, who currently reside or will reside in Parkland sometime in the near future, to schools outside of the city will not only devalue the integral reputation of the city but also challenge both the parents and children to longer commutes, increased vehicular traffic and steer away from a “green” environmental future. Children will no longer be able to ride their bikes to school with their neighborhood friends, or walk to schools with their parents; instead there will be an increase of public school bus routes, heavier traffic, more traffic accidents and the increase of police presence warranting a higher tax demand.

For our son’s future, Heron Heights Elementary, Park Trails Elementary, Westglades Middle and Stoneman Douglas HS are the primary reasons why my wife and I decided to move into such a highly regarded educational school district.
For the benefit and the future of the City of Parkland, its reputation and our children, I strongly disagree with the proposals to rezone the communities which will be located within the wedge, to schools that are outside the city of Parkland.

18.   Nancy Mui at 11:09 AM on 10/15/2013
This is a terrible idea. Should keep Parkland Kids in their own schools. why bus them so far away? Isn't it less cost effective? In my opinion, if really want to solve over capacity problem, can move the coral springs kids to other schools. Keep Parkland Kids in the schools within their own boundaries.
19.   chris walsh at 07:37 AM on 10/17/2013
Absolutely horrible idea! People move to Parkland for a sense of community and the promised of great neighborhood schools.The investor, current, and prospective home owners should be outraged. Property values will be damaged if this mess passes.
20.   Cathy Kusuma at 10:47 PM on 10/17/2013
As a current Parkland resident and future Watercrest homeowner, I am completely outraged by this and the other Friedman proposals. Suggesting to bus children from Parkland to Deerfield Beach is completely unreasonable. This proposal should not be considered as it is not in the best interests and safety of our children. It is also ridiculous to expect new Parkland residents who will be paying millions of dollars to build their homes as well as annual taxes to agree to such nonsense.
21.   John Thomlonson at 10:06 AM on 10/18/2013
Terrible policy that Parkland kids could be moved to Deerfield beach 12 miles away.
22.   Gina Stephens at 06:26 PM on 10/21/2013

Where was the county and the school board prior to ms. Freeman's proposals? This seems to be bad planning to say the least. That being said, there has to be another way to make this work without busing children out of their neighborhood schools.

I think the Broward County school board should be able to put together a better solution then what is proposed.

The policy of filling every available seat is antiquated . Demographics change and the population shifts as older areas have less children attending schools . Why should tax payers be penalized for wanting to live in a new neighborhood? Isn't that the American dream ? This policy needs to be changed so that the portion of taxes paid by the local residents gets spent in the areas in which they live. It seems like the monies are going to everywhere but PArkland. My daughter is constantly being asked to bring in reams of paper because of a shortage.

Please don't say it's due to the class size amendment . That's just another excuse for bad management of our school taxes.
Building the new schools in the land allocated is the answer. I for one would be willing to pay additional taxes to ensure neighborhood schools. What about having a non-advalorem tax for new schools? There has to be a way ..

23.   Lynne Fenoglio at 10:24 AM on 10/22/2013
The suggested boundary change is based on a flawed premise and should be withdrawn.
24.   David Lopatin at 10:43 AM on 10/22/2013

HHE is the only school which has asked for relief. As proposals S1-S4 all "enable Heron Heights Elementary to be LOS compliant in the LOS year 2017-18" there is no reason for any of these extreme "C" plans to be seriously considered. The "C" plans have a significant, negative school proximity impact as they take children out of neighborhood schools and subject them to considerable travel time. Our children should never be purposely bussed out of neighborhood schools, especially when it is completely unnecessary!

Additionally, the City of Parkland and Developers are already working on solutions to increase the capacity at the neighborhood schools to ensure HHE and PTE remain LOS complaint for the foreseeable future. While we need to work on a long term strategy together with the school board, these "C" plans are not only unneeded at this time, but they are unconscionable.

I strongly urge the school board member who presented these "C" proposals to work WITH the BCSB, the City of Parkland, developers, and other key members of the community to come up with long term solutions for our community. We can find reasonable solutions TOGETHER the RIGHT WAY. Thank you!



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