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o  Welcome back to your 2nd year of high school!  The Guidance Program is ready to help you succeed in high school and plan your future.

o  Your counselor can help you with questions and concerns in the following areas:

       •  Academic Information             •  Career Decision Making       •  Personal/Social Information

o  My counselor’s name is                                                                                                  .

o  My ESE specialist’s name is                                                                                                  .

o  Your counselor will provide information and assistance to you through classroom guidance lessons and activities throughout the year.

o  If you need more assistance, ask about participating in a small group or make an appointment with your counselor.

o  If you are an ESE student, the ESE specialist will work with you, your family, and your counselor.  Find out when your next Transition IEP meeting will be held.  Also find out what types of accommodations you are entitled to for coursework and tests.

o  If you are an LEP student, talk to your counselor and all your teachers about your needs.  Make sure you are in the courses that are right for you!

o  Review your schedule.  Make certain your courses suit your long-term goals.

o  Memorize the graduation requirements for your class.

o  Review the Bright Futures Scholarship and other scholarship requirements and your progress toward qualification with your counselor/ESE specialist.

o  Continue to develop good study skills.  Ask your counselor to place you in a studies skills group.  Ask your ESE specialist and teachers for more information.

o  Sign up now!  The PSAT is free to all 10th graders!  The PSAT is a practice college admissions test that YOU SHOULD TAKE!  It’s a chance to find out what these tests are like.

o  Meet with college/technical school representatives who visit your high school.


o  Character Trait 1 – COOPERATION is working with others to accomplish a common purpose.

o  Do you want to see your grades, test scores, schedule, or graduation requirements?  That and much more information is at your fingertips!  At school, go to http://web/dwh and click on Virtual Counselor.At home, go to www.browardschools.com/virtualcounselor

o  Have you started to earn your service learning hours?  Forty hours are required for graduation.

o  Make an appointment with your counselor/ESE specialist to explore career information.  Ask your counselor to include you in a career group that will focus on career decision-making.

o  If you are not already in extracurricular activities, get involved now.  It’s good for your resume.

o  ESE students continue working with the ESE specialist and guidance counselor.

o  LEP students, talk to your counselor and teachers about your needs.  Make sure you are in the courses that are right for you!

o  ESE students, begin to think about whom you would like to invite to your next Transition IEP meeting.

o  Continue using CHOICES available on the Internet.  This program can help you identify your interests and match your personal inventory with possible occupations.  Search for colleges or technical schools.  Go to www.FACTS.org.

o  Think about my future now?  Yes! Attend the Greater Fort Lauderdale National College Fair on October 19, 2011 at the Broward County Convention Center.



o  Character Trait 2 – CITIZENSHIP is knowing, understanding, and displaying a high regard for rules, laws, government, heritage, and for those whom have served and sacrificed for community and country.

o  Use the student planner provided by your school or purchase one to keep track of important events.

o  Talk to your family about saving money for school or training after high school graduation.

o  How many core credits have you earned and what is your core GPA?  Go to Virtual Counselor for the answers.

o  You may be able to take a course through Broward Virtual School.  Find out more from your counselor of visit www.bved.net.

o  You should have a designated place at home for studying.  If not, find one NOW!




o  Character Trait 5 – KINDNESS is being helpful, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and considerate.

o  Is your goal to attend a military academy?  See your counselor/ESE specialist immediately to find out what you need to do.

o  If you don’t have a resume started, find out how to do it.  CHOICES can create a resume for you.

o  Explore the links on Virtual Counselor.



o  Character Trait 4 – RESPECT is showing consideration, understanding, and regard for people, places, and things.

o  Prepare for your exams!  That means don’t miss class, do homework, listen to the teacher, ask questions, and participate in class.  Form a study group.

o  This March you will take the FCAT, which is required for graduation.  Be prepared for this important test!

o  Access the BRACE website for information that can help you plan your future.  Explore all the links.  Go to www.browardschools.com.  Click the Departments link.  Click the BRACE link.



o  Character Trait 5 – HONESTY is being truthful, trustworthy, and sincere.

o  Register for most challenging courses you can handle when selecting next year’s schedule!

o  Are Advanced Placement or honors courses for you?  Think about it!  Stretch yourself!

o  Plan carefully by using Virtual Counselor.  It’s not too early to think about your senior schedule.

o  Have a serious discussion with your parents about your future career goals.

o  Introduce yourself to the BRACE (Broward Advisor for Continuing Education) Advisor.  These Advisors will assist you in your postsecondary educational choices.



o  Character Trait 6 – SELF-CONTROL is having discipline over one’s behavior or actions.

o  Spend time researching your future and finding the right career for you.  Use CHOICES (www.FACTS.org), the BRACE website links, and www.mappingyourfuture.org.

o  Ask your counselor/ESE specialist about technical schools and all the fantastic high-paying careers that require technical training.

o  Check out the websites for the Broward County technical schools:

Atlantic Technical:                         www.atlantictechcenter.com

McFatter Technical:                        www.mcfattertech.com

Sheridan Technical:                        www.sheridantechnical.com



o  Character Trait 7 – TOLERANCE is recognizing and respecting differences, values, and beliefs of other people.

o  Check into summer possibilities such as volunteering, internships, or summer jobs.

o  Learn how to calculate your weighted and unweighted GPA.

o  Continue to work on your study habits and time management skills.



o  Character Trait 8 – RESPONSIBILITY is meeting obligations by being reliable, accountable, and dependable to self and others.

o  “Know Thyself.”  Make a list of your strengths and talents.  Post it on your mirror as a daily reminder!

o  Begin to find out scholarships and financial aid.  It’s a process that takes hard work and a great deal of time.

o  Find out about dual enrollment courses.  Juniors and seniors can earn college credit while still in high school.

o  What math course are you taking next year?  Are you taking the appropriate math course needed for college?  technical school?  your career path?



o  Update your resume and give it to your counselor/ESE specialist and BRACE Advisor in the fall.

o  Prepare for your exams.

o  Earn more service learning hours by volunteering.

o  Consider getting a part-time job over the summer.

o  Visit college campuses while on the family vacation.  If you are an ESE student, stop by the Office of Disability Services.

o  Remember to register for the October PSAT this coming fall to qualify for the National Merit or National Achievement Scholarships.  To qualify, you must take the PSAT in 11th grade.

o  Read, read, read – ask your teachers for reading lists or read whatever interests you.

o  Check out these websites this summer:

BRACE website:  www.browardschools.com.  Click the Departments link.  Click the BRACE link.

Florida's official student advising site:  www.FACTS.org

Career planning www.mappingyourfuture.org

Bright Futures Scholarship:  www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/SSFAD/bf

ACT:  www.act.org

College Boardwww.collegeboard.com



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