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o  Welcome back!  The Guidance Program is ready to help you succeed in high school and plan your future.

o  The Guidance Program can help you with questions and concerns in the following areas:

•  Academic Information       •  Career Decision Making          •  Personal/Social Information

o  My counselor’s name is                                                                                                       .

o  My BRACE Advisor’s name is                                                                                                   .

o  My ESE Specialist’s name is                                                                                                    .

o  Your counselor and BRACE Advisor will provide information and assistance to you through classroom guidance lessons and activities throughout the year.

o  If you need more assistance, ask about participating in a small group or make an appointment with your counselor/BRACE Advisor.

o  If you are an ESE student, meet the ESE Specialist who will work with you, your family, and your counselor.  Find out when your next Transition IEP meeting will be held and what types of accommodations you are entitled to for coursework and tests, including the ACT and SAT.

o  If you are an LEP student, talk to your counselor and all your teachers about your needs.  Make sure you are in the courses that are right for you!

o  Review your schedule.  Make certain your courses suit your long-term goals.

o  Remember to register for the October PSAT if you think you may go to college.  To qualify for the National Merit or National Achievement Scholarships, you must take the PSAT in 11th grade.

o  Are you behind in credits?  If so, see your counselor/ESE specialist to get options for making up lost credits.

o  Do you want to see your grades, test scores, or schedule?  That and much more information is at your fingertips!  At school go to http://web/dwh and click on Virtual Counselor.  At home, go to www.browardschools.com/virtualcounselor



o  Character trait 1 – RESPONSIBILITY is meeting obligations by being reliable, accountable, and dependable to self and others.

o  Talk to your counselor/ESE specialist about exploring and selecting a career.  Ask your counselor to place you in a career group that will focus on career decision-making.

o  Work or volunteer in a field related to a career you’re interested in.

o  If you are an ESE student, be sure to let the ESE specialist know who to invite to your next Transition IEP meeting and schedule an appointment with the ESE specialist to discuss Community Agency Services that may be available to you.

o  Get involved in school activities.  Go to athletic events, school plays, and music concerts!   

o  Plan to attend the Greater Fort Lauderdale National College Fair on October 19th, 2011, at the Broward County Convention Center.



o  Character Trait 2 – CITIZENSHIP is knowing, understanding, and displaying a high regard for rules, laws, government, heritage, and for those whom have served and sacrificed for community and country.     

o  Take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery).  This test can provide information regarding your aptitude and interest for postsecondary education and military career areas.  (Note:  ESE accommodations cannot be provided on the ASVAB.)

o  Add important documents and information about yourself to your personal portfolio.  See your counselor, ESE specialist, or BRACE Advisor.

o  Continue using CHOICES on the Internet. This program can help you identify your interests and match your personal inventory with possible occupations.  Search for colleges or technical schools.  Go to: www.FACTS.org.



o  Character Trait 3 – KINDNESS is being helpful, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and considerate.

o  Review the Bright Future Scholarship requirements and your progress toward qualification with your counselor/ESE specialist.  View your current status at www.FACTS.org.

o  Continue to build and refine your resume.

o  Use Virtual Counselor to make sure your student record is correct:  grades and credits, name, birth date, and social security number.  Notify the registrar of any errors.

o  You may be able to take a course through Broward Virtual School.  Find out more from your counselor or http://www.bved.net.  Check out the websites for the Broward County technical schools:

Atlantic Technical:         www.atlantictechcenter.com

McFatter Technical:        www.mcfattertech.com

Sheridan Technical:        www.sheridan technical.com



o  Character Trait 4 – RESPECT is showing consideration, understanding, and regard for people, places, and things.

o  Prepare for your exams!

o  Now that you have decided upon your career goal, plan the education or training that is needed:  on-the-job training, apprenticeship training, technical training, two-year associates degree, four-year college degree, or military service.

o  Sign up for the ACT or SAT.  Fee waivers are available to students who quality.  If eligible for special administration, be sure to complete the request form at least six weeks before the test.

o  Begin learning about college costs, technical training costs, and financial aid.



o  Character Trait 5 – HONESTY is being truthful, trustworthy, and sincere.

o  Meet with your BRACE Advisor to begin preparation for your future.

o  Select your senior year courses carefully by using Virtual Counselor.  Review coursework necessary to qualify for the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship, the Florida Medallion Scholarship, and the Florida Academic Scholarship.  Check your status at www.FACTS.org.

o  When selecting your senior year schedule, take the most challenging courses you can such as Advanced Placement, honors courses, or dual enrollment courses!  That’s what colleges and universities look for when making admissions decisions.

o  Investigate private student aid and scholarship programs.  Use directories and databases available on the Internet such as CHOICES.  The earlier you start, the better chance you’ll have and the less stress!

o  If you school offers a Career Day, take advantage of this opportunity to talk to professionals from the working world.



o  Character Trait 6 – SELF-CONTROL is having discipline over one's behavior or actions.

o  Research colleges and technical schools on the Internet.  Evaluate the literature you get from these schools.

o  Meet with college/technical school representatives who visit your high school.

o  Narrow your college school choices based upon your needs, rather than difficult admissions requirements, popularity, national reputation, or where your friends want to go.

o  You may need to take SAT subject tests this year. Do so just as soon as you finish the 2nd year of foreign language and other advanced courses and if you plan to apply to a competitive college/private college.  Most private colleges require 3 SAT subject tests for admissions.



o  Character Trait 7 – TOLERANCE is recognizing and respecting differences, values, and beliefs of other people.

o  Ask your counselor, ESE specialist, or BRACE Advisor if your high school provides any career shadowing experiences or internships.

o  Continue to evaluate postsecondary options.  Begin to eliminate some choices from your list.

o  IT’S TIME!  Talk to your counselor, ESE specialist, or BRACE Advisor about exploring and selecting a career if you don’t know what you’re going to do after high school.  CHOICES and www.FACTS.org are resources that can help.



o  Character Trait 8 – COOPERATION is working with others to accomplish a common purpose.

o  Identify teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches, and other adults (religious leaders, employers) who are willing to write letters of recommendation.

o  Find out which civic, cultural, and service organizations award scholarships that are available.

o  Look for a summer job.  Most colleges and families expect students to help pay for college costs.



o  Consider volunteer work or employment that relates to career possibilities.

o  Spend time reading and reviewing math concepts this summer.

o  Consider a college or technical school visit in conjunction with summer travel.  If you are an ESE student, visit the Office of Disability Services for assistance.

o  If your ACT/SAT scores did not meet your expectations, think about taking an SAT/ACT preparatory course.

o  Check out these websites this summer or any time!

Florida's official student advising site:  www.FACTS.org

Career planning www.mappingyourfuture.org

Bright Futures Scholarship:  www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/SSFAD/bf

ACT:  www.act.org

College Board:  www.collegeboard.com

College Search:  http://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/cool

FastWeb Scholarship Database:  www.fastweb.com



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