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Freshman Checklist


o  Welcome to high school!  The Guidance Program is ready to help you succeed in high school and plan your future.

o  Your counselor can help you with questions and concerns in the following areas:

                •  Academic Information                      •  Career Decision Making                     •  Personal/Social Information

o  My counselor’s name is                                                                                                                                                   .

o  My ESE specialist’s name is                                                                                                                                           .

o  Your counselor will provide information and assistance to you through classroom guidance lessons and activities throughout the year.

o  If you need more assistance, ask about participating in a small group or make an appointment with your counselor.

o  If you are an ESE student, meet the ESE specialist who will work with you, your family, and your counselor.  Find out when your next Transition IEP meeting will be held.  Also find out what types of accommodations you are entitled to for coursework and tests.

o  If you are an LEP student, talk to your counselor and all your teachers about your needs.  Make sure you are in the courses that are right for you!

o  You’ve got the power!  Do you want to see your grades, test scores, schedule, or graduation requirements?  That and much more information is at your fingertips!  At school, go to http:web/dwh and click on Virtual Counselor. At home, go to www.browardshools.com/virtualcounselor

o  Memorize the graduation requirements for your graduating class.

o  Review your schedule to make certain you are in the right courses.

o  Listen carefully during the freshmen orientation assembly and when counselors visit your classes.  You will hear about many things such as graduation requirements, grade point average (GPA), credits, and service learning hours.



o  Character Trait 1 – COOPERATION is working with others to accomplish a common purpose.

o  Develop good study skills.  Learn how to study.  Your counselor/ESE specialist has more information about courses that teach study and test-taking skills.

o  Use a student planner to keep track of assignments, tests, and your schedule.

o  Get started on the right foot by making the best grades you can!

o  Get involved – checkout clubs, music, art, sports, JROTC, and other extracurricular activities.

o  Talk to your counselor/ESE specialist about exploring and selecting a career.

o  Think about my future now?  Yes! Attend the Greater Fort Lauderdale National College Fair on October 19, 2011, at the Broward County Convention Center.



o  Character Trait 2 – CITIZENSHIP is knowing, understanding, and displaying a high regard for rules, laws, government, heritage, and for those who have served and sacrificed for community and country.

o  Get organized.  Time management is so important in high school and in life!

o  Learn how to use CHOICES available on the Internet.  This program can help you identify your interests and match your personal inventory with possible careers.  Search for colleges or technical schools.  Go to www.facts.org.

o  Organize a quiet place at home to study.




o  Character Trait 3 – KINDNESS is being helpful, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and considerate.

o  Find out what it takes to qualify for a Bright Futures Scholarship.  Go to www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/SSFAD/bf and www.FACTS.org.

o  Talk to your family about saving money for education or training after high school.

o  Ask your teachers for tips on class note taking.

o  If you want to attend a military academy, 9th grade is the time to start preparing.  See your counselor/ESE specialist right away!



o  Character Trait 4 – RESPECT is showing consideration, understanding, and regard for people, places, and things.

o  Prepare for your exams!  That means don’t miss class, do homework, listen to the teacher, ask questions, and study!

o  Access the BRACE website for information that can help you plan your future.  Explore all the links.  Go to www.browardschools.com.  Click the Departments link.  Click the BRACE link.



o  Character Trait 5 – HONESTY is being truthful, trustworthy, and sincere.

o  Should you begin to earn service-learning hours?  Definitely – it’s a graduation requirement.  Contact the Service Learning Coordinator for your school.

o  Volunteer in a field you would consider as a possible career.

o  Be prepared and well rested for FCAT testing during the spring semester.

o  Be organized.  Use your student planner every day!

o  Do you watch too much TV?  Do you spend too much unproductive time on the Internet?  Keep a journal for one week to find out.  Manage your time.  You’re in charge!



o  Character Trait 6 – SELF-CONTROL is having discipline over one’s behavior or actions.

o  Talk to your parents, teachers, ESE specialist, and counselor about your career choices and paying for future education.

o  Make careful course selections for 10th grade.  Consult with parents, teachers, counselor/ESE specialist.  Use Virtual Counselor to see what courses you’ve taken and how many credits you’ve earned.



o  Character Trait 8 – TOLERANCE – is recognizing and respecting difference, values, and beliefs of other people.

o  Continue to work on your study habits and time management skills.

o  Identify teachers, administrators, counselors, the ESE specialist, and other adults (such as a religious leader, employer, coach) who would be willing to write letters of recommendation.  You will need these letters your senior year.



o  Character Trait 8 – RESPONSIBILITY is meeting obligations by being reliable, accountable, and dependable to self and others.

o  Plan your summer.  Have fun and consider volunteer work or summer programs.

o  Study for your exams.  Make the best grades you can!

o  Review your course selection for 10th grade one more time!  Use Virtual Counselor.

o  Find out how to write a resume and make that a summer project – Go to Resume Builder in CHOICES (www.FACTS.org).



o  Read, read, read over the summer!

o  Don’t forget your math.  Review to strengthen your skills!  Organize a summer math study group.

o  Work on your resume this summer and review it with your counselor next year.

o  Consider working or volunteering over the summer break.

o  Check out these websites this summer or any time!

BRACE website:  www.browardschools.com – Click the Departments link.  Click the BRACE link.

Florida’s official student advising site:  www.FACTS.org

Career planning: www.mappingyourfuture.org

Bright Futures Scholarship: www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/SSFAD/bf

ACT:  www.act.org

College Board:  www.collegeboard.com

FastWeb Scholarship Database: www.fastweb.com                



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