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Choose Your Destination

Destination: Direct Entry Into The Work Force

Going to work full-time is an option that some high school students will choose. If you plan to join the work force immediately upon graduation, prepare yourself by taking vocational courses that will give you the skills and knowledge employers are looking for. Your counselor/BRACE advisor can assist.

Destination: Apprenticeship Programs

Learn and earn at the same time. Apprenticeship programs are a combination of supervised on-the-job training at a worksite and related supplemental classroom instruction. You will be paid while enrolled in the classroom instruction! See your counselor or BRACE advisor for more information.

  • Secure the contact information or apprenticeship application
  • Submit the application


Destination: Military Service


Joining one of the branches of the armed services is attractive to many students.  They offer many training programs, various educational and retirement benefits.

  •  Talk to an armed service recruiter.

  • Take the ASVAB.  (This test is administered at your high school.)

  • Compare different branches.                                                  >>>>>>>> 

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Destination: Technical Programs

Atlantic Technical College, McFatter Technical College, and Sheridan Technical College provide a wide variety of programs ranging from health science, business and marketing, communications, and culinary arts to industrial and technical education for students desiring technical training after graduation.  Many programs offer credit or acceleration toward a two-year degree as well as upon completion of select technical programs students may earn industry certifications.  Check with your counselor, BRACE advisor or ESE specialist.

  • Make an appointment for assessment and orientation.

  • Make an appointment to interview with the technical counselor at the technical college.

    For more information go to www.BrowardTechnicalColleges.com

Destination: College And University Programs

The community college system within the state of Florida offers a wide variety of programs for high school graduates.

  • Certificate programs offer quick alternatives for students desiring to enter the work force with a minimum amount of technical training.

  • The two-year Associate of Science degree program also offers in-depth technical training for students in many different areas. Participation in a Tech Prep program while in high school greatly increases the chance for success in an A.S. program.

  • The Associate of Arts degree program is the equivalent of the first two years of a four year college program. The A.A. degree program enables students to begin at a local community college and then transfer to a four year institution.

  • Public and private colleges/universities offer a variety of majors for those students desiring a four year bachelor's degree (B.A. and B.S.). See your BRACE Advisor for entrance requirements and program details.                            >>>>>>>>>


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