The Treasurer's Office is within the division of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer of The School Board of Broward County, Florida. The Treasurer's Office invests money in both short and medium term instruments. Money invested in short term instruments are anticipated to be expended during the fiscal year. Money invested in medium term instruments are generally not needed for disbursement during the fiscal year. This balanced investment approach maximizes the investment yield.
Treasury Investment: Provides valuable information and documents for qualified public depositories, deposit withdrawal forms Pool Accounts. Contact Us: List of Treasurer's Office staff , phone number, and fax number.
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Remittance Transmittal Procedure (Business Practice Bulletin A-430)
Technical Colleges, Alternative High Schools and Community Schools Transmittal Form
Elementary After Care Transmittal
Secondary After Care Transmittal
Elementary Child Care ELOP Transmittal
Secondary Child Care ELOP Transmittal
Summer Camp Elementary Transmittal
Summer Camp Secondary Transmittal
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