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Our Commitment


Transparency Florida
Facts About Your School Taxes
The Florida Legislature created Transparency Florida to provide the public with unprecedented access to state government spending information by posting Florida’s operating budget and associated expenditure records on line.
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To Implement the district's mission by effectively managing the district's financial resources, equitably aligning funds for meeting the needs of schools,and maintaining public confidence and satisfaction. 
Learn about the school tax facts: How School Board taxes are calculated, millage rate, what will be the impact of taxes, how does the School Board determine the amount that must be assessed for the RLE, and more are just a click away.
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Going Green Initiative
GO DIRECT: Direct Deposit For Mileage

:A total of 7,248 people as of December 2014 have made the decision to stop receiving paper copies of their pays stubs in support of the School District’s environmental stewardship strategic goal. Aligning with the School District’s Go Green initiatives, all employees have the option of opting out of receiving a printed pay advice/pay stub. A video on how to complete this in Employee Self Service (ESS) can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Work instructions are also provided on these links.
You can fill out a Direct Deposit for mileage and travel form in order to receive your reimbursement directly deposited into a bank of your choosing. This is an optional feature that supports the school district's Go-Green initiative. Your bank information is entered into the SAP system and a vendor master record is created for you. Just continue to submit your mileage and travel reimbursement to your bookkeeper as usual, and your payments will be directly deposited into your bank account. You first need to download a direct deposit for mileage and travel reimbursement form located on the school district's intranet at web/forms, complete the form and attach a scanned voided check. Then e-mail the scanned document by typing Direct Deposit in the TO section of your CAB e-mail account.
Did you know that you can pay for your child's school activities such as field trips, yearbooks, fund-raiser, etc. by going on-line? Yes, through the School District's on-line school payment process; elementary, middle and high schools across the District are doing just that! Since the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year, the volume of usage by parents and students of the on-line school payment system has reached over several million dollars. For more information regarding the on-line payment process; please contact:
           The Business Support Center at: 754.321.0600

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Nondiscrimination & Reasonable Accommodation
A  Financial Update No. 77 Senate Budget Proposal for the Broward Schools Fiscal Year 2017-18
B. Financial Update No. 76 House Budget Proposal for the Broward Schools Fiscal Year 2017-18
C. Financial Update No. 75 Impact Fee Emerging Issues and Background Information
D. Financial Update No. 74 The Governor's Budget Proposal for Broward County for FY 2017-18
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