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The District's New E-mail/Communication System is on Schedule.

As previously reported in The 411, the District has a brand new e-mail and
communications software program in the works, and thanks to Kathleen
Ginestra, who works in Magnet Programs, it even has the name: CAB (Communicating Across Broward).

Testing and installation of the system is currently underway and on
schedule, reports Chuck Stanley, the District's Director of Technical Support

School-based employees can expect to be trained upon their return to school
in the fall. "What's important to understand about CAB is that it's much,
much more than just an e-mail system," explained Mr. Stanley, "which is why
training is necessary. It has such features as calendaring and bulletin
boards and will change the way our District communicates and collaborates.
Users will even be able to access the system from any Internet-based computer
at home, on-the-road, anywhere."

While the transition takes place, it's important to keep in mind the following:

  • As employees are being transitioned from their current system into CAB,
    it's possible that their names may appear more than once in the online
    e-mail directory for both Quarterdeck and Exchange; please opt for the address that contains the "@CAB" designation if you are offered such a choice

  • Mailing lists that cross district lines may become less reliable as
    individuals are removed from existing lists and transitioned onto CAB; check
    your mailing lists regularly and carefully to make sure they still contain
    e-mail addresses for the individuals you need. For example, if you have a
    mailing list for "all principals," some principals+ names may be deleted as
    they are transitioned into CAB

  • Mailing lists that are school-based will remain operational, because
    schools are being transitioned in their entirety at the same time. For
    example, a mailing list for "all fifth grade teachers" at a particular
    school will continue to function correctly.

What kind of feedback is the District getting from the employees currently
training on CAB? "It’s all been very positive," said Mr. Stanley. Kathleen
Ginestra is one employee who’s anxious to get online with CAB. "E-mailing is
my life," she said, "as I’m sure it is for just about everyone in our District. It’s an amazing and crucial form of communicating, especially for a District as large as ours." A 10-year District employee, Ms. Ginestra saw the "Name the E-mail System" article in the last issue of The 411 and submitted her entry within minutes. "I thought CAB was cute, but never dreamed it would win! I’m a firm believer in inviting others to submit ideas and suggestions and I’m honored that the District chose mine!"