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Administrator Contacts

Administrator Contacts

Glenn C. Parks
Accountant V
Oversees all Billing, Bookkeeping Functions and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) (754) 321-3100
Ronley Alexander
HR Administrator IV
Administers Medical, Domestic Partners, Opt-Outs and Benefits Orientation Programs (754) 321-3100
Tina Severance-Fonte Wellness Coordinator Directs Wellness Program (754) 321-3100
Vicki Moten
Benefits Analyst
Tax Sheltered Annuities, Voluntary Supplemental Insurance, Benefits SAP Support (754) 321-3100

Marjorie Fletcher

HR Administrator

Administers Leaves Department & Disability Insurance Plans

(754) 321-3130

B. Marie English-Arterberry

EAP Administrator

Administers EAP

(754) 322-9900

Lannie Santiago


HR Administrator III


Administers Retirement, BENCOR (Special Pay) - BENCOR (FICA Alternative - Contact Personnel Records


(754) 321-3100


Lakeycia Cooper


HR Administrator I


Insurance Specialist - Life Insurance


(754) 321-3100


Shanira Francis HR Administrator III Dental and Vision plans and Employment Center

(754) 321-3100


Erika A. Cooper

HR Administrator I

New Employee Orientation

(754) 321-2379