Dental Care Plans

SBBC now offers the option of four dental plans available from three dental carriers.  The three carriers providing service to the District's employees are Humana/CompBenefits (Basic and Enhanced PPO/Indemnity and DHMO Managed Care), MetLife (Basic and Enhanced PPO/Indemnity), and MetLife/SafeGuard (Basic and Enhanced DHMO Managed Care). 



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PPO/Indemnity Dental Plan
plan allows you to select the dentist of your choice.  

Dental Care Providers / Certificates of Coverage / Eligibility Limitations


A PPO/INDEMNITY plan allows you the freedom of selecting a dentist from an extensive list of participating dentists or a dentist of your choice.  SBBC pays a portion of the monthly premium and you pay the balance through payroll deduction. 

  • Under a PPO/Indemnity plan:

     you decide at the time you receive services whether or not to utilize a participating provider

     you enjoy significant cost savings if a participating dentist is used

     you are entitled to up to four cleanings per year at no charge

     lower levels of reimbursement are provided when non-participating dentists are used

     an annual deductible must be met

     claim forms must be submitted for payment

DHMO Managed Care Dental Plan
DHMO Managed Care plan requires you to utilize the services of a participating dentist.

Dental Care Providers / Certificates of Coverage / Eligibility Limitations


A DHMO MANAGED CARE plan requires you to receive all dental services from a participating network general dentist or specialist.  These plans cover preventive care in full and provide for other more extensive services as well.  The full monthly premium,  is paid by SBBC depending upon plan selected.  Two types of DHMO Managed Care plans are offered:  

Basic Dental Plans

The Basic plans provide coverage when using a participating general dentist.  Most preventive and diagnostic services are covered at no charge, and significant savings are available on other dental services.  Should you require the services of a specialist, your benefit will be a 25% reduction from usual and customary fees.

 Enhanced Dental Plans

The Enhanced Plans provide similar coverage to the Basic Plans when utilizing the services of a participating dentist. The Enhanced Plans provide coverage for specified services when using a participating general dentist or a specialist.  An enriched benefit for orthodontic care is provided.


With both DHMO MANAGED CARE Plans, you receive the following benefits:

        no deductibles

        no pre-existing condition limitations

        no annual maximum benefit

        no claim forms to file 



Eligibility Limitations

Maximum age for unmarried dependent children.

Dental Care Providers Certificates of Coverage


Coverage is available for your eligible dependents up to the following age limitations:




Certificates of Coverage


 Dental Care Providers / Eligibility Limitations




DHMO Basic

DHMO Enhanced

PPO Basic

PPO Enhanced


PPO Basic

PPO Enhanced

DHMO Basic

DHMO Enhanced

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 Dental Care Providers


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