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Online databases have been purchased by the Broward County Public Schools, Learning Resources Department, to assist students in finding reliable information on curricular topics.  All grade levels have access within the school’s wireless network, without the need of a password.  For access to these resources from home, the public library and/or through out of school Internet access, please see the Media Specialist at your school for a list of user names and passwords. 

Textbook companies provide supplemental resources for you as well. Check out what they have to offer. Go to Textbooks

Other study skills and reference web sites are also available on the Internet. You may find a link to these databases on your school’s Media Center web site or visit the web sites listed below.

Broward County Schools Online Reference Library Tools:

Grolier Encyclopedia Online
These resources offer authoritative, editorial content and engaging multimedia materials including: Encyclopedia Americana Online, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Online, The New Book of Knowledge, Lands and Peoples, and Popular Science.

The Gale Group
This group of resources provides access to author biographies, full-text articles from literary journals, and information on authors and their works in these three areas: Student Resource Center Bronze, Literature Resource Center, and Infotrac Student.
Proquest (from School)
Within Proquest, you will find millions of articles originally published in magazines, newspapers, and journals.
This general reference database has thousands of full-text articles which explore social, scientific, health, historic, economic, business, political, and global issues
Proquest (from Home)
You can also access these Proquest resources from home.
This is a public access catalog for all books and audiovisual materials in Broward County Schools. Entire collections within each of the 227 schools and centers are included in one union catalog database.

Free Resources Available on the Internet:

Online Dictionary
This resource include word definitions, a thesaurus, the Word of the Day, daily word puzzles, and more

Online World Atlas
This resource has maps and information about other countries.
Web site for newspapers
Thousands of newspapers from around the world are available in many different languages.
Museums of the World 
This resource includes online museums, Interactive and virtual exhibits, dducational links and more.


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