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The FCAT Explorer is a free resource designed to help students learn and practice reading and math skills measured by the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT).

Practice exercises cover reading and math and include passage and question topics from several areas of the Sunshine State Standards and curriculum, such as Social Studies, Science, and the Fine Arts.

Directions for using FCAT Explorer:
  1. Log onto
  2. Click student to access the sign-in page.

FCAT Sign-in Page
  1. Enter your last name and first initial as
    your sign-in name

For example: John Brown would enter BrownJ

  1. For the password enter the:
    • first 4 letters of your last name,
    • two digits of your birth month
    • two digits of your birthday day

For example: if John Brown had been born on June 3, 1987, his password would be Brow0603.  (The date must be written with four digits.)
  1. Select reading or math practice.

The FCAT Explorer web site has a link for The Parent and Family Guide.  This guide is designed to support parents, guardians, and mentors in their efforts to help students strengthen the critical skills that are outlined in the Sunshine State Standards and tested on the FCAT.  The Parent and Family Guide is also available in Spanish, and a Haitian-Creole version will be available soon.

Troubleshooting FCAT Explorer for Mac OS X Users
Most users experience no problems using FCAT Explorer.  However, the following are some solutions to problems related the Mac OSX.  For other problems, please check the Technical Assistance tab at

Loading or Accessing Practice Programs If you have problems accessing the practice programs you may need to download and install the newest version of Macromedia Flash Player.  Links to these downloads are accessed by clicking on Technical Assistance tab at
Security Settings Error Message:
"Your current security setting prohibits running ActiveX controls on this page."
This warning can be removed by downloading the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player from the Macromedia Flash Player Download Center.  However, if the message continues to display after downloading the latest Flash Player, you will need to change your Web browser's ActiveX security setting.  Follow the directions on Security Setting Error Message at
Black Screen:
After selecting a practice program from the program selector, a message similar to the one below is displayed against a black screen:

"The technology in the Reading Timeline program requires the site content to load in a separate window. This content window has been either clicked away from or closed. Locate the Reading Timeline window on your desktop or click here to return to the homepage and sign in again."

This message is usually caused because you have installed anti-pop-up window software on your computer. To allow the practice program to display properly, you must disable the anti-pop-up software and return to the FCAT Explorer to access the desired program.
Blue Screen
After selecting a practice program from the program selector, the window displays a blue screen and refuses to load the program.
This problem occurs if two versions of Macromedia Flash Player (e.g., versions 5.0 and 6.0) are installed on your computer.   To fix the problem caused by having multiple versions of Flash installed, you must uninstall all versions of the Macromedia Flash Player from your computer and then download the latest version of the Flash Player. For more information about uninstalling the Flash Player, to download the latest version, visit: the Macromedia Web Players page.


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