This website is under construction and reflects a joint project between Broward Gifted Advisory and Advanced Academic Programs. The site does not contain legal information. Rather, the site is being built for parent support-type documents that are not legally binding in any manner or form.

The purpose of this website is to help parents who have children in Broward County Public Schools learn more about the gifted student Educational Plan process.

What is an EP? - An EP (Educational Plan) is a written plan for each student who is identified as eligible for gifted services. It describes the special educational needs of the student related to his or her areas of giftedness. It also identifies the services that will be provided by the school. Parents are partners with school district personnel in developing and revising the EP for their child.

Developing your child’s EP is a wonderful opportunity to discuss your child’s unique gifted needs with the staff that will be educating your child, while creating the legal document (EP) designed to make sure your child’s individual educational needs are met.


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