Welcome to the Payroll Department website. The mission of the Payroll Department is to ensure that all District employees are paid accurately and
timely by following Federal, State and District guidelines.  The Payroll Department will continually strive to improve business practices in accordance
with the District's strategic plan and provide outstanding customer service and support to District staff, Federal and State agencies and the Public. 
This site is also dedicated to providing updated payroll information to District employees.



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                                                                                     Hurricane IRMA Compensation
Attach I - IRMA Emergency Response Pay Procedures Attach IV - IMRA Sample Unofficial Timesheet
Attach II - IRMA Compensation Matrix Attach VI - Irma Database Instructions
Attach III - Irma Q&A Hurricane Irma Compensation Procedures Memo
                                                                                 Pre-winter Break Processing Schedule
                                                                       *  New   Pre-winter Break Processing Schedule
                      Payroll Schedules 2016 - 2017                                                                 Quick Links 2016-2017
Payroll Schedules Quick Links
1. New  AA 2017-2018 Payroll Schedule 1.   Contact Information.
2New  AABB 2017-2018 Combined 2.   Forms (including YRP 2016-2017)
3. New  BB 2017-2018 Payroll Schedule 3.   NEW* W2 Q & A (2016)
4.   AA 2015-2016 Payroll Schedule 4.   Newsletters   
  AABB 2015-2016 Combined 5.   Payroll Schedules
6.   BB 2015-2016 Payroll Schedule 6.   Policies and Bulletins
7.   AA 2014-2015 Payroll Schedule 7.   Payroll Q & A
8.   AABB 2014-2015 Combined 8.   Office of The Chief Financial Officer
9. BB 2014-2015 Payroll Schedule  






















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