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            SAP Terminology &
          Manager Self-Service


Employee iView: Snapshot of specific pieces of employee information

Work Overview: This work center allows you to execute work
items, such as approvals and planning tasks, and to monitor
alerts concerning your budget situation and key figures

Universal Worklist:  Contains the HR Actions requiring manager’s approval and/or any notifications of other actions pertaining to the manager’s employees

Attendance Overview: Shows statistically how many employees are currently working

Reminder of Dates: Displays items the manager may wish to act
upon, such as an employee’s birthday, anniversary, or the end
of the probationary period for one of his/her staff.













SAP Portal:   A site that functions as a point of access to information on the web. Examples of a portal include Yahoo, Google, etc.  SAP is accessed through the BRITE portal.

Adobe Interactive Form:  An electronic form within SAP used
to create/change Personnel Master Data.  Becomes part of employee’s record. 
(Adobe Acrobat Reader software required)

Manager Self-Service (MSS): A workplace for administrators to approve personnel actions created/changed by the HR Actions Processor (HRAP)

Employee Self-Service (ESS):  A workplace for employees to view personal information and request changes

Business Intelligence (BI): A repository of SAP information for
the purpose of report

                                 Manager Self Service (MSS)

         Manager Self-Service (MSS) is an online workplace for administrators to:

         Approve Human Resource personnel actions
         Display employee information  

         Maintain performance documents for employees

         Execute reports

         The MSS role is assigned to:
         School Based Administrators: Principals and Assistant Principals

          District Based Administrators: Based on the District’s organizational chart