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                 Human Resource Action Processor(HRAP HomePage)

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  The HR Actions Processor is responsible for:

Maintaining employee personnel information, including position and organizational data, through position control actions

Creating and processing supplements and one-time payments

Reviewing and processing termination of employees

Executing relevant reports


                    SAP Terminology:

SAP Portal:  A site that functions as a point of access to information on the web.  Examples of a portal include Yahoo, Google, etc.  SAP will be accessed through the BRITE portal

Adobe Interactive Form:    An electronic form within SAP used to create/change Personnel Master Data.  Becomes part of employee’s record.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader software required)

Manager Self-Service (MSS): A workplace for administrators to approve personnel actions created/changed by the HR Actions Processor (HRAP)

Employee Self-Service (ESS):  A workplace for employees to view personal information and request changes.

Business Intelligence (BI): A repository of SAP information for the purpose of reporting
Employee iView: Snapshot of specific pieces of employee information